The Logbook

The Logbook. October 2019.

Our 16th edition and another great focus on some of the finest businesses in hospitality and travel. Inspiring companies that provide so much to the industry by maintaining and raising standards, innovating and thinking ahead, pushing boundaries and looking after their clients and guests.

We’ve worked with destinations, suppliers, operators, personalities and bloggers and have, wherever possible, done our bit to help build and develop this industry. By working together great things can be achieved and we’re looking forward to another year of talking about the great things our clients have done.

As a business, The Lost Executive has taken the decision to consolidate our readership to the Facebook platform. Providing a greater transparency to our clients and our readers and bringing both together for improved engagement and transparency. We will also be opening up a range of new products and services that will be entirely Facebook and social media driven for clients wishing to capitalise on the growth and integration of these platforms.

2020 is going to be an outstanding year, we’re also looking forward to the rest of 2019.