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Rweteera Safari Park. Uganda.

*As seen in The Logbook

For the past nine years, Rweteera Safari Park has been one of Uganda’s most rewarding destinations to explore. Ideally located just outside Kibale National Park it is ideal for tourists visiting the area for the first time seeking to savour the African spirit.

It provides a base camp for those wishing to visit the several local National Parks which include Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Semliki Game Reserve and National and Mountain Rwenzori National Park. For guests the park offers a range of comfort levels to suit every level of adventurer.


Lying within the tranquil Ndali-Kasenda crater area Rweteera Safari Park has been laid out with nature in mind, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation in the chimp and crater lakes region.

There is a range of accommodation at the park, and Peter explains this is to meet every sort of need and budget. There are bandas, cottages and wood cabins and six secluded standard size types of tent.

The Adventures Available

Uganda is a land of natural treasures, especially the Ndali-Kasendi crater which is a hive of natural activity. The area has long been popular with fishing and canoe enthusiasts keen to get their feet wet. There are cycle paths and car tracks for those wishing to go out for a ride or a drive and both bikes and cars are available on the property for hiring.

While the safaris are handled by Kibale Tours and involve some of the most engaging tours, Rweteera Safari Park definitely takes full advantage of its location to offer guests something special. After all, after days spent in cars on safaris and transfers, maybe a walk around the crater lakes to stretch the legs could be perfect.

Some of the other tours include the Mahoma Waterfall Tour and the Crater Lake Hikes which are a must if you’re a fan of lungfuls of fresh air and a complete disconnection from hectic lifestyles. This is a chance to see the best of Ugandan forna and fauna.

Then, romantic evenings out with their Lakeside Dinners, where diners can have a view over the lake and onto the boundary of Kibale National Park, or the excursions to the Fishing Village Kyantambara which is a scenic village on the lakeshore.

Peter explains that Kibale National Park is renowned for its diversity of monkeys and great apes, of which the best known is the chimpanzee. Sadly, deforestation in the past 20 years has led to habitat degradation and endangerment of biodiversity. Thankfully, tree planting activities at Rweteera Safari Park in conjunction with work done with the local community will be able to restore this area.

Home Stays. A unique chance to really get involved.

For those travellers seeking a real opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture the Home Stays is perfect. As a homestay guest, you participate in the activities of the host family and they become your guide during your stay.

Provided with local meals, exploring together as a group and living in the village you’re treated less like a guest and more like a member of the community.

Village walks, canoeing, traditional story telling from the village elders, food preparation, weaving, milking and games with village children are some of the activities expected within the community. But also guided forest and nature walks, learning the local traditions and history, helping with village chores, and if you are lucky even  a local wedding ceremony!


ADDRESS: 18 km Kamwenge road Fort Portal Uganda

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +256776862153


PRICE/NIGHT: $50 per night