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Pousada do Parque Ecolodge. Brazil.

*As seen in The Logbook

Since 2003, Pousada do Parque Ecolodge has been an inspiring example of eco-tourism done right. The creation of lawyer and environmentalist Oswaldo Murad, the lodge has become a symbol of how tourism and hospitality can be done in such a way as to give back to nature instead of taking away. And the experience of staying here is quite something.


Pousada was created to be a sanctuary for native animal life and there are over 282 birds species, guinea pigs, lizards and crab-eating foxes. There are also a number of other mammals that frequent the area; however, these are more difficult to spot and are usually only registered by camera traps. Those captured on film include wild pigs,  peccary, armadillos, porcupines, maned wolf, tapir, tayra, puma and even jaguars.

For city dwellers suddenly finding themselves surrounded on all sides by wildlife, the sensory onslaught experienced during the first days are guaranteed to induce the deepest and most effortless sleep ever.  Even those guests with an already established love of nature will find themselves stirred by the immensity of it all.



The days start early with a 5.40am sunrise which is accompanied by a symphony of birds, featuring a diverse range from black birds, macaws and many others. Each morning their songs pour through the trees with great merriment at the start of a fresh day.  Whereas, when night falls, the shadows come alive with owls, nightjars, crickets, frogs and many, many cicadas.

A recommendation to all guests from Oswaldo himself is to take advantage of the wonderful views that can be had from their observation tower. This stands 10 metres tall and offers a 360° view of the surroundings. Thanks to it being on top of an 800 metre hill away from the main house and with next to no nearby light pollution, at night-time the sky becomes a bottomless ocean of stars.


Strategically located on the border of Chapada dos Guimarães National Park and at an altitude of 750m, the lodge sits in 500 hectares of private land. Here there are many treasures for guests to discover including two seasonal waterfalls, amazing views and several hiking trails available for those who always travel with their boots.  There are no fences between the Lodge and the 35,000 hectares of the National Park so guests will find themselves truly in the thick of it.

There are also archaeological sites nearby with rupestres (rock paintings) which have been explored by the Natural history museum of Paris.


As we covered the last time we spoke with Oswaldo, the whole idea of the lodge was to use the local material and craftmanship to promote sustainable preservation among the region and eco-construction.

Rooms are split into six double suites and two triples and all the accommodation follows a rustic design that makes use of local woods and sustainable resources. This includes roof tiles made of recycled milk boxes and water that his solar heated. There is a lounge area with fireplace and the restaurant and bar “Teta da Loba” offers a delicious and varied local menu.

All of the rooms come with air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms. The leisure area also features all the amenities one would need on a great vacation getaway: a veranda, swimming pool, mini gym, seated area,  sauna and hammocks.


Guests will find comfortable beds, sterling hammocks that are perfect for hanging around in, gorgeous views and breathtaking walking trails. But they won’t find televisions or minibars in the rooms because Pousada do Parque Ecolodge is not suitable for people wanting to stay inside! This is the place for nature lovers to indulge and get their boots dirty. Also, the food served is all real, organic and produced by the lodge.


The closest airport is in Cuiabá, 70 Km away from the lodge, from there guests can either drive to the lodge which is 15 km from the city of Chapada dos Guimaraes, or by bus. Either way it is important to let the ecolodge staff know when you will be arriving so that they can arrange access to the National Park, as the gate is otherwise closed.

PRICE:  R$ 490/ US$ 125 Average price range per person, double room.

ADDRESS: Estrada do Parque Ecológico s/n – Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso, Brazil. – ZIP code 78195-000

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +55 65 99671-6876