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Nande Junias Explorer Tours & Travel. Mondesa Historical Cultural Township  Cycling Day Tour. Namibia.

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A land of marvellous beauty, Namibia is truly a joy to visit. Benefitting from a well developed infrastructure and some of the finest tourist facilities in Africa it is one of the continents sometimes overlooked treasures.  Earlier this year we reviewed Nande Junias Explorer Tours which was founded by Nande Junias in 2015. For October’s issue we revisited some of the new developments for his exciting and very relevant tour company.

Nande grew up in the lovely coastal town of Swakopmund in Namibia, a region where the remnants of the country’s German influence can be seen reflected in the architecture, culture and cuisine. To showcase how such influences have affected the local cultures of the area, Nande has created a host of new tours to the delight of his regular guests. One of which we’ve highlighted this month.


To properly appreciate this extraordinary country, you have to venture out of the highly developed cities to explore the remarkable natural landscapes Namibia has to offer.

These include the impressive Fish River Canyon Park and the vast Etosha National Park both of which are teeming with local subspecies, such as desert lions, desert elephants and the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra. At the same time, you don’t want to miss the hauntingly beautiful Kalahari Desert and of course the Namib Desert which stretches for nearly 1000 km along the magnificent Atlantic coastline.

Mondesa Historical Township or  Cycling Day Tour

Namibia is an ideal destination for travellers seeking an unforgettable African experience in a uniquely beautiful untamed wilderness, and immersion into a different culture. To do this you’ll need someone who knows the country and the people like the back of his hand.

The Cultural Cycling Township Tours led by Nande are all about the people of this land.  It is an immersive tour, giving participants the opportunity to truly experience the warmth, friendliness and humanity of the township residents of Mondesa, the same town Nande grew up in.

It is a highly involving tour, giving you the chance to walk the streets, hear the children at play, smell the sidewalk barbecues, taste locally brewed beer and try some of the local food like the mopane worms. Primarily conducted via bicycle, this unique tour gives you the chance to gain a glimpse of the daily life in the township.

“It’s a tour that will remind you just how big the world is and how many different people are in it,” Nande says.

ADDRESS:210 OB Street Mondesa Swakopmund Namibia

TELEPHONE NUMBER:+264 812134443  +264810456310

EMAIL: nandejexplorertours@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.nandejexplorertours.com

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Township Historical Cultural Tour N$600 pp
Cycling Township Historical Cultural Tour N$550 pp
Historical Township Church Visit (Sundays only), pick up 8h45 with traditional
lunch included N$500 pp
Township Home Cooking Experience with local family N$700 pp
Tours to cape cross / Walwitschia and Moonlandscape Day Tours N$800 pp
Sand Boarding N$600 pp
Private safari guide/Driver N$1500 pday
Dune7 and Flamingos Walvisbay and Topnaar Day Tours N$700 pp
Sundowner Tour N$800 pp
Township Braai BBQ Dinners N$800 pp
3 Day Private Namibia Sossusvlei Camping Tour N$8000 pp
4 Day Private Namibia Etosha Safari Lodging Tours N$20 000 pp
5 Day Private Namibia Safari Game Tour
10 Day Private Namib Deser Tour
Shuttle services-airport N$400 pp
Luderits and Kolmanskop Tours