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Vanessa Cohen began her company in 2018 after building her brand of stylish, bespoke and above all comfortable hammocks and swing chairs for ten years.


Authentic, handwoven hammocks from Thailand coming in a range of colours and styles and guaranteed to last a lifetime, these are only one of the items that Microliving Homewares has on offer, but they are the ones that have gained the strongest following online and with good reason.

Whether it is the gentle swaying motion they create, or the feeling of being weightless or even the indulgent and roguish sensation we get when we sling ourselves with abandonment into one of them, hammocks are synonymous with chilling out, relaxing, taking it easy and admiring the world as it passes by. Of all of the furniture in history that humankind has created, this one is uniquely able to achieve this.

In fact, there is very little scientific evidence available to suggest that it is even possible to be stressed about anything at all while lying in a hammock. Especially one that is hand woven, authentic and of the highest quality.


Easy to carry and pack for travellers and stylish enough to adorn the veranda, porch or living room of any household, Microliving Homewares have gone to great lengths to ensure that their products have all the peripheries such as hammock stands, colours and designs necessary to be used anywhere.


The ten years it took Vanessa to build her business before launching her official brand were well spent as she tapped into the strength of social media and the internet to promote the quality and style of her products instead of the brand name.

The result was an engaged pool of clients and customers eager to share their enjoyment of their products and the novelty of knowing a supplier for their hammocks. Like owners of classic cars or expensive furniture, connoisseurs of chilling out like showing off their hammocks, and when asked where they got it from, being able to  wink and say, “I know someone.”

This kind of connection is particularly important for the small and medium enterprises that are propelling the incredible growth of the glamping, eco-lodge and eco-tourism industries. As they look to build relationships with people and not necessarily with brands, businesses that demonstrate a priority with customer relations and satisfaction will take the lead over bigger, more boring brands.


With a swath of new designs coming in the new year and currently all products on sale, there is a new competition that Microliving Homewares is offering. When purchasing a hammock, you get automatically entered into a chance to win a holiday to North Stradbroke Island in Queensland Australia for seven days! Not including flights.

That would be an awesome place to spend some time in a hammock.


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PRICES: $150 to $250.