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Kasbah du Toubkal (Discover Ltd). Morocco.

*As seen in The Logbook

Due to its unique location and it’s singular backstory, guests staying at Kasbah du Toubkal, are in for a real adventure.  In the literary sense of the word.

As regular readers will recall from when we reviewed Kasbah du Toubkal earlier this year, this destination is located on top of a mountain, 100m above the reception and the only way to reach the hotel doors is via a 15 minute walk with mules carrying your luggage.

This unique positioning promises great chestfuls of fresh mountain air and expansive views of the surrounding land. Additionally, when considering the challenge that the proprietors overcame to get the construction materials, furniture, decoration and even the food for the kitchens up the same track, it adds to the overall sense of value.


At the award-winning hotel there are fourteen comfortable en-suite rooms, three of which can be used as a private self-contained house. In addition, there are three family rooms and the garden with large terraces that offer unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains.

It is quiet up here, with the only animal sounds coming from the inquisitive birds or from the domesticated cats that prowl the premises at night and lounge about in the shade during the day. Birds are the main form of  animal life that can be seen here, not including the domesticated sheep and goats grazing the mountain side. While rare, it is not impossible to see mouflon, a subspecies of horned sheep along the hills and owls hunting at night.

During winter the mountains are snow-capped, and the air becomes fresh and crisp while during the springtime the walnut trees, cherry trees and apple orchards farmed in the valleys fill the air with a fruity scent.  The lack of pollution is a big factor in the air quality of the area and it also means that at night, the sky is  alive with stars.


The Berber culture, defined by its pride and it’s simple lifestyle, has remained unchanged for centuries and a stay at Kasbah is an opportunity to learn more about it. Five separate settlement areas create the nearby village of Imlil which has a population of only 1500 and is located at the end of the main road system, beyond that point the only channels of communication to the outside world is via narrow footpaths and precarious mule tracks where the Berbers call home.


Offering a location that inspires and captivates, Kasbah du Toubkal has formed quite the reputation as being a conference centre for businesses seeking to create a sense of majesty. Providing the best modern equipment their conference facilities have been lauded by many businesses as offering that special something else which turned what would have been a simple colleague meeting into something definitive and moving.

Or as the Financial Times put it, “… beyond its food and unabashed luxury is the friendliness of its staff.”


As we covered in our last review, Kasbah du Toubkal has won numerous travel awards due to its unique approach to tourism. And, while it is certainly a stand-alone example of providing the best location and comfort, it was also restored very sympathetically to its original design so that guests often believe it to be a hundred years old.

This approach of maintaining strong ties to the past without necessarily influencing it has been followed in Morocco since His Majesty, King of Morocco set it as a regional standard, ensuring other developments follow but do not sever the connection to the past. After all, in this quiet realm, on the edge of the world the past defines the present.


Guests should allow as much time as possible when booking because Kasbah du Toubkal’s popularity amongst visitors to this location speaks for itself. Bookings can be made on their website or via telephone.

PRICE: Between €175 and €960 depending on room.


CONTACT: 00 44 (0}1883 744667