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Kamper Planet was founded in April 2005 by  Silvester Domonji, Chairman of the Scout organization of Vojvodina in the northern province of Serbia. It was a business born from the desire to prove himself as an entrepreneur and to capitalize on the many years’ worth of experience he had gained as the head of a regional Scout organization.


In 2005, campsite accommodation support was needed by the Exit music festival which is held every year in Serbia’s second city Novi Sad. During the twelve year association with Exit, Kamper Planet has provided campsite accommodation to over 100,000 festival goers. It has since expanded its festival activities to include the Seadance Festival Montenegro and other festivals in the region. It has also developed its own campsite in the village of Bezdan in northwest Serbia and additionally offers campsite services to the film and television industry.


Three to five festivals are provided for each year and make full use of the range of services that Kamper Planet offer, which are more than just the tents. Answering the need for festival goers for security for their personal items, Kamper Planet offers not only rent-a-tent but also the basic rent-a-locker options. Over and above these items they have other turn-key services such as setting up a camp with the whole infrastructure and personnel, including admittance point, security, safekeeping of personal items, keeping campsite clean and tent set up assistance.

Timing is always a factor and to provide a full service to the correct standard can take three to five months. As an example, preparations for Exit Festival which is held in July, begin in April with meetings with all relevant decision makers involved. Actual work on site starts 10 days before festival camp needs to be functional.


Since Kamper Planet is mobile and flexible, allowing it to provide services to various clients and festivals the number of people engaged can vary widely from ten people to over three hundred.

The Head office is located in City of Novi Sad, northern Serbia and most suppliers are sourced by visiting other festivals and fairs, scouting competition and conducting Internet research. Most of the equipment is purchased from Belgium and they have partnerships set up with reliable local vendors.


Kamper Planet cares for the environment. Its campsites are designed to fit the natural features of their landscapes and have no negative impacts on them. Campsite cleanliness and eco-friendliness, alongside safety and service, are the company’s highest priorities to which the work of all staff and service vendors are dedicated.

Campers are requested to keep their own personal campsite spaces clean as well as to respect the general campsite environment. The sites are left in pristine condition after the campsites are dismantled and all rubbish and waste collected and disposed of in environmentally friendly ways.


Since they work for music festivals, their campsites are filled with music and entertainment content. Customer service is very important. Continuity and consistency in quality of their services depend on relationships with local authorities and business partners.

Kamper Planet cares for its campers. Staff are available 24hrs a day to provide advice and support. Campers without equipment can rent tents, sleeping bags and mats from the company’s own stock, including ‘glamping’ quality tents and equipment, which staff set up and dismantle. They can also rent secure storage lockers with laptop and phone charging capability.

They can even get a hot shower at any time. Chill out spaces are available for those who want to relax and exercise and dance areas for those who want to be more active. On-site food and drinks vendors cater to a wide variety of tastes. Kamper Planet blends all these facilities and services together to produce a unique, friendly and entertaining ‘campsite village’ atmosphere.



In 2020, Kamper Planet will team up with Prosperity Works, the region’s leading adventure sport event company to host Highlander, a five-day, 100km international challenge hiking event, in the picturesque Stara Planina (Old Mountain) region of eastern Serbia. Highlander Serbia will form a component part of a sequence of Highlander events taking place in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Slovenia.

SUITABLE FOR: festivals, music festivals, camping sites, conferences


ADDRESS: Vladimira Nikolića 8, Novi Sad, Serbia

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 00381 64 846 3826