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Having shaped many life-changing safaris around his client’s desires, Elisa, founder of Elisomi Tours, opens up regarding his favourites. As it turns out, when it comes to his own favourite excursions, Elisa counts a wildlife safari to view the Great Migrations in the Serengeti, and a relaxing holiday on the blissful beaches of Zanzibar Island to be some of the best.

“I’m drawn to the great and authentic experiences of such locations,” he explains, “And find it incredibly humbling to witness the extremely complex ecological systems that generate such beautiful phenomenon.”


He explains that a wildlife safari in the Serengeti offers multiple opportunities including the chance to experience two world-renowned heritage sites that are located near enough together to be seen in one trip. Namely the Ngorongoro Crater, which formed millions of years ago when a volcano died and imploded, and the great expanse of The Serengeti.


These locations are flooded by a multitude of wild species and the available tours offer a great chance to witness the world’s largest mammal migration firsthand.  The Great Migration involves up to 1.5 million wildebeest  and  other wild species including  zebras, antelopes, lions, leopards, hyenas, and other predators and herbivores as they follow the herds across the land.

The shortest possible safari lasts three days but to maximise experience although five to ten days  are usually recommended depending on the availability of the client. According to Elisa, five to ten  days is a good length of time to get a taste of the diversity of vegetation and the regional climates that can be observed from the cool climates of the highland forests in Ngorongoro to the warm grasslands of the Serengeti.  Within this time, a client can also  visit other  wildlife areas in the northern ecosystem such as Tarangire and Manyara national parks.

“It is an awesome experience to witness so many animals together at one time,” he says, “It is scary, beautiful and awe inspiring.”


Also partial to the coast, Elisa says that Zanzibar is one of the best places on earth with the best lodges along the amazing and blissful shorelines. Highly clean beaches with a gentle breeze that leaves you with an abundant peace of mind and soul.

Highly recommended for his clients, he explains that visiting Zanzibar gives clients one of the rare opportunities to experience the old Stone town, which is rich in colonial history and an opportunity to see and test a variety of aromatic spices.  Zanzibar is both romantic and aromatic!


Most of their programmes are tailor made and therefore prices are  flexible to be accommodating to the clients choices and preferences. With broader extensions of services, they have  offers  that can sufficiently accommodate a wide range of their clients’ needs  in terms of service  catering for  budget, middle and luxury travellers

Elisa adds that while they offer a variety of quality services in many local tourist destinations, they have picked the best to work with and have partnered with the best local service suppliers available. Best of all they have acquired the most experienced safari guides in the industry.

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PRICE: from $250 per person depending on safari choice.