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Bjorvika Apartments. Norway.

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With the aim of providing the best possible solution for people in need of temporary accommodation, Bjorvika Apartments was founded in 2009 by Ole Henrik Engen in Oslo, Norway.

Offering a centralised location with over 300 apartments, just walking distance from Oslo Central Station, not only are they providing their residents with reliable temporary accommodation but are also adding an overall convenience that cannot be overstated.


Guests can walk from the apartments to the Oslo Central Station which gives them access via trains, trams, busses and subway to all parts of the city and beyond. Additionally, this puts guests within walking distance of restaurants, coffee shops, shopping areas, historic attractions and the business centres all around Oslo.


In total there are 300 rooms decorated for comfort, simplicity and efficiency. The apartments are comfortable to live in and have smart planning solutions that make living there very convenient for guests who will find the apartments are completely serviced to offer a temporary home and are modern, fully furnished and well equipped. With complete kitchens, including everything needed to cook meals, brew coffee and prepare breakfasts, guests are able to treat the apartments like their  own homes.

Fast WIFI is also available in all the apartments and is strong enough to reach out onto the private balcony so guests, travelling businesspeople and digital nomads can work while enjoying the weather (during the warmer seasons), with full connectivity to high speed internet.

According to Ole, their clients herald from a variety of sources: some are typically project employees stationed in Norway or expats who are in need of temporary housing while they establish themselves in town; house buyers in-between homes, homeowners undergoing home improvement projects or insurance customers awaiting repairs to their own apartments. Also, a number of travellers looking for reliable accommodation in the city centre while they explore the nation’s capital and see the sights of the city.

“Mostly they are people who are not looking for a hotel experience, but a home,” he says, “People who have a specific daily routine which they want to upset as little as possible.”


The business is supported by over fifty locally employed and highly trained staff members that keep everything running and the standard of service high. Building and maintaining a relationship is very important as hospitality runs on reputation. Ole explains that they are very proud that clients that started using them 10 years ago still use them today.

“We do many things to build these relationships,” he says, “But our main concern is to provide the best possible product, locations and customer service as possible.”


For ten years they have provided corporate clients with apartments in the city centre of Oslo, and  the last two years they started up with the same concept in both Bergen and Trondheim in Norway. For 2020 they plan to further strengthen their offering in those markets and possibly open another new location.

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ADDRESS: Schweigaards gate 15b 0191 Oslo

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +47 21 38 01 88