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Anabezi  Camp. Zambia.

*As seen in The Logbook

In 2010 the Davy family got involved in Ana Tree Lodge with the idea to harness its remote location and build a luxury tented camp that was both classic and comfortable. Anabezi opened in 2013  and was soon joined by Amanzi Camp which is also situated on the Lower Zambezi River about three kilometres downstream.

Since the construction of Anabezi Camp, the company has also assisted with the creation of Kulefu base which has positively impacted the level of poaching in the Eastern part of the park.


Until Independence in 1964 when Northern Rhodesia became Zambia, the Lower Zambezi National Park had been used mainly for hunting and was largely unsettled. In 1973, under an US AID Programme, Wildlife Conservation International came to the region with the intention of setting up an International Park, however due to the civil war that broke out south of the river in Southern Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe, the park never came into being.

Indeed, despite leasing the land for 25 years, the Americans left in 1974 and until 1983 the Lower Zambezi was a private hunting ground for the President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr Kenneth Kaunda. What remains of this retreat can still be seen up the Kulefu channel.

In 1983, this area was finally declared a National Park and six years later G&G Safaris, of the Cumings family, arrived with plans to establish a tourist camp. They are still involved in the park to this day as owners of Chiawa and Old Mondorro. Some years later in the 1990’s Ana Tree Lodge was erected but the lodge only opened in 1997, providing guests with a rustic, authentic bush experience which was perfectly suited for this remote location and quickly became popular.


Built on the former Ana Tree Lodge in the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia, the Anabezi Camp is 3km upstream from their sister camp, Amanzi. With 60 locally employed staff members, it is the most remote camp in the most exclusive park in Zambia. It is a destination worthy of any traveller seeking to connect or reconnect with Africa in a personal manner.


In 2020, Anabezi Camp will have another sibling. The four chalet Kayila Camp (www.kayilacamp.com).

Kayila Camp will combine tradition with comfort. Situated on a ridge on the banks of the Zambezi, it boasts sweeping views of the Mana Pools National Park on the opposite bank.

The camp has a beautiful outdoor lounge area that overlooks the fire-pit deck and swimming pool, providing an excellent vantage point to experience the magic of the Zambezi River which is a meeting spot for hundreds of species of animals. Luxury that is not over the top, coupled with easy viewing of the natural wildlife. This will be a very worthy new addition to the family and for the family wanting to explore the Zambezi.

PRICE: $1350 US/night

WEBSITE: www.anabezi.com

EMAIL: reservations@anabezi.com 

ADDRESS: Lower Zambezi National Park