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Ebony Home. Interior Design. Online Store. USA.

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Heather Black is a busy mom of four who has a lifelong obsession for interior design and home décor. This passion for using her creativity and taste to help others piece together the perfect living spaces was finally directed into the online retail store Ebony Home, which launched on the 22nd July 2019.


According to Heather, the “dream” had always been to have a job that enabled her to do what she loves doing, but the vision had originally been a store filled with beautiful products and amazing displays.

However, at the time of this writing at least, she lives in a small town in a rural area where retail is extremely difficult and rent high. Also, there are greater advantages for having a business set up on a website which enables her to reach more customers and expand her presence. She has not ruled out the option of setting up a shop, but for the moment, an online store is the best way to go.


Interior design may be an artform seen by fewer people, but it is both scrutinised and appreciated deeper than some artwork from the Renaissance. Therefore, Heather knows that there is no substitute for quality, and she is constantly searching for unique, high quality products to sell in her shop. Seeking a wider variety of styles, from new and trendy to timeless classic.

On the same note she is also always looking out for dependable suppliers that offer quality products with reasonable prices that are easy and affordable to ship.  Working with a range of clients from home owners to glamping site hosts, Ebony Home’s quality of service and product speaks for itself.


Customer service is essential for Heather, especially as her business is starting out. But she has taken this a step further by aiming for 100% satisfaction. This requires a lot of communication and not being afraid to follow up to make sure that customers are completely happy with how things have turned out. She even goes so far as offering a full refund if they aren’t.


While it really depends on the product and the supplier,  most items are shipped within 3-5 days and the arrival time depends on the region they are being shipped to.


Heather always has new products with an inventory that is updated weekly and sometimes more often. Preferring to keep her selection fresh, she also keeps the must-have essentials in stock for returning customers.


Generally, her prices are lower than the competitors and for the most part, the prices reflect the quality of the item.  For example, a basic duvet set, and pillow cover can go for under $10, while she also has higher quality, handmade artisan pillow covers that run from $60-$70, and higher quality bedding for those who are looking for something a little more durable. Additionally, she has a wide variety of decor, accent furniture, wall art, kitchen and dining products, bath products, storage and organization, lighting, rugs and window treatments that range from about $4.99-$349.00.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 001  435-469-0549