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Desert Day Tours. Morocco.

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Desert Day Tours Sarl AU is a tight-knit tour enterprise managed by a group of young Berbers from the South-East of Morocco. Founded by Mohammed Taghlaoui in November 2016 the business has made a name for itself by managing desert and city tours for tourists from across the globe. Their bespoke service, flexible approach and incredible people-skills have made them a firm favourite to newcomers looking to experience the desert beauty for the first time.


Humble and passionate about what they do their main niche is producing bespoke tours across more than fifty locations in Morocco including deserts, cities and landscapes.  The team of six work closely with clients to turn their dreams into a proposal that is realisable and enjoyable, seeking to create those unique memories that inspire people to travel. Working with individuals, groups and even families the tours and their fantastic customer service has been raved about on travel review websites like TripAdvisor.

Tours leave from Casablanca, Marrakech, Tangier, Fes and last from one day to over two weeks. Guests can marvel at stunning sunsets at Mt. Zalagh and Berbercave Excursions near Fez, Ourika Valley and Ouzoud Waterfalls near Marrakesh, and multiple day Imperial City tours from Casablanca and a fifteen day Morocco Grand Tour around the desert.

Depending on what the guests desire, accommodation can be at Riad’s, Hotels, Kasbahs and luxury tented camps in the desert such as Dihya Desert Camp. The planning and design is kept very flexible to ensure that the guest will get exactly what they’re looking for.

Marrakech by night


Their team is always ready to offer a beyond-expected good service with a reasonable price. They approach customer service as if their customers were their own family and share with them the warm Moroccan hospitality and cultural values.

This is an opportunity to experience more of the local culture. And, led by Desert Day Tours, together you will have the chance to explore this wonderful country, enveloping yourself in the lifestyle and the mixture of Arab and Berber cultural backgrounds.

While some tours are set and others are completely bespoke, all of them go deep into the unexplored paths to find the authentic world.  Allowing the guest to enjoy both the history, culture and the modernity of the desert trips.


PRICE: It starts from $50.00 per person till $4000 (depends on the number of people they are and the tour/trip they need).

FULL NAME:  Desert Day Tours Sarl AU

ADDRESS: 5/6 Derb LHaima, Fes, Morocco.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +212 668 078 887