The Logbook

The Logbook. September 2019.

Feedback for The Logbook September 2019
“Wow! Awesome! Thank you! I’m thrilled that we agreed to be part of the Logbook!” – Mandy Rutherford, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.
“Perfect, very good job,” – Baptiste Cuvelier, Cuvelier Los Andes Vineyard 
“Excellent article. Very well written. A super Job,” Andrew Jenkins PDx Consulting Ltd (Glampsan)
“Many thanks for a great article,” Edward Busby. Crown and Canopy.

What a magazine we have for you this month!

SUPPLIER FOCUS and The Glamping Show.

Irrespective of whether a destination is a glamping site, a hotel or a resort, innovation is often reliant on the pioneering spirit of the suppliers. A cycle of challenge and solution, the dance of supplier and customer is the engine that produces the marvellous and out of this world tours and destinations that both enthrals and delights travellers like us.

In September we have the opportunity to celebrate the manufacturers, designers, inventors and service providers that fall under the category of “supplier”, thanks to the world renowned event by The Glamping Show.

We also featured and had a behind the scenes look at how the founders built their business up from a blog to one of the leading listing sites in the world.


A new focus, on the sensuous element of travel we’ve taken a look at the wine industry and the businesses responsible for creating the finest brands that are inspiring the growing enotourism.


What does it take to make a fantastic safari and what should new safari and tour goers expect in 2020? How will new technology in photography and real-time capture change the way we travel in the wild.

Travel and Hospitality. It pays to keep an eye out.