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Spurred on by the desire to develop an innovative tourism concept that focussed on glamping accommodation experiences, Simon Louvard founded Lodg’ing in March 2018. An  individual creation this business was inspired by his experiences acquired during the last 10 years in the hotel and tourism industry in France and abroad including Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.



Lodg’ing is first and foremost a family business with Simon’s father being his business partner, and together the plan is to position itself as the number one pop up glamping hotel in France. Offering tailor-made services so that guests can gain an unforgettable accommodation experience near an event or in an exceptional natural setting.


Offering the highest quality, custom designed tents is just one part of the business and Simon explains that the maintenance of the equipment is the other. This includes disassembly and packaging, cleaning and repairing of the tents and the general maintenance of the product to ensure its longevity not only for Lodg’ing but the client as well.

Furthermore, beyond the tents Lodg’ing also offer on-site assistance such as customer reception, daily cleaning, security and other concierge services to support the guest’s overall experience.

In terms of capacity they can host up to 120 people comfortably in their tents in the same site and have provided event accommodation for a number of businesses and major events across France.


There are two main types of services available:


For a Destination focussed event, the nomadic Lodg’ing village is erected for a short time during cultural, sporting, or private events which could include weddings or corporate meetings.

For these events they offer bespoke services to organizers looking for an original and exclusive accommodation offer. This is particularly useful for event organisers that don’t have accommodation nearby to offer guests and want to offer an innovative solution that is complementary to the event and suitably impressive.


For these events, they offer stays (short or long) in the heart of a nomadic village that they create with their tents which includes all necessary infrastructure. To do this, they find exceptional natural locations (eg. nature-luberon/) in order to partner with the land owner and create a special location for tourists seeking a nature product while enjoying high-end services.

According to Simon, in both situations, and more particularly the “Nature Destinations”, their aim is to offer clients a package-type solution, combining accommodation and discovery of the region.


A quote by another innovator, Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, is one of Simon’s favourites. As such, their glamping tents are simple and very comfortable. Once set up and fully furnished in these exceptional natural places, they are unique and stunning.  Also, there is always Lounge area installed nearby which is the ideal place to relax and interact with other people from different backgrounds.


Relationships are very important, and Simon prefers to work with people, both customers and partners alike,  on a relationship based on trust and respect. After all, he decided to work in hospitality and tourism because he loves working with people.


2020 will be a year to confirm the durability of their young company, with new services to come and the opportunity to properly consolidate their current position in the market. In the meantime, they are well worth a look for event organisers and site hosts.


TELEPHONE NUMBER: +33 6 83 92 62 45