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Wanting to fully promote local and international tourism across East Africa, Alfred and Margaret Syanda founded their company in 2008. Offering client tailored safaris led by the most experienced and engaging of guides, the business has grown to a team of fifteen and the range of their available safaris has expanded to include a range of tours.



With a range that includes budget camping, luxury lodges, beach holidays and mountain climbing Alfred and Margaret offer a catalogue of adventures and hospitality options.

Depending on a client’s tastes and budget, safaris can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. The safaris can also include the sightseeing activities of a Serengeti safari where the guides make full use of their experience to produce the best tour possible and mountain climbing activities where a guest can conquer some of the world’s most famous peaks.  The tours are regularly updated, and Alfred makes sure that him and his team of guides are constantly aware of the developments in their safari routes. This is made easier by the skillset of the guides who, with the finest experience in guiding tours, know how to translate those easily overlooked signs that could affect the weather or the travel habits of the animals.

Alfred explains that it is also entirely down to what the client desires and that furthermore it is important to have all the available options on one site. Many clients, after enjoying the experience the first time, want to return and try something different from the range of activities available in this part of the African continent.


Even though Bencia Africa Adventure and Safaris cater for the budget traveller, this does not mean that the standards of the accommodation will suffer. For more than a decade they have endeavoured to create the most rewarding relationships with the most reliable hotels throughout Kenya to support their safaris and their standards.


Since 2008, Alfred has learnt that customers will always have questions about a safari, even before they get on a plane to Kenya. Then they’ll have more questions when they are on safari. These can include questions like travel plans and places to go shopping or questions about the wildlife habits or landscape details.

To Alfred every single question is important and is an opportunity to properly engage a client. He believes that every moment is an opportunity to make their adventure that little bit better, more engaging and more exciting.  Then, when the safari is over, Bencia ask their question in a survey about what the client liked and where things can improve.

“Learning from client feedback is the best way for us to improve and continue to innovate,” Alfred says.


One of these innovations is including Gorilla Trekking in Uganda from 2020. Which will provide guests new and old with the opportunity to engage with a remarkable species of animal in a remarkable environment.


PRICE. $100-$450 per day

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