Glamping Interest Pieces

Business Talk: Camping with a Twist

Before anything else, let us briefly define what it is. Glamping is a combination of glamour and camping. Imagine a tent that features hotel-like accommodation. Sounds both earthly and fancy, right? This line of business is indeed ideal for the environment in the Philippines.

Design a Business Plan

Like all types of businesses, running a glamping resort requires adhering to a concrete business plan. What you should keep in mind while developing your investment plan is how you will highlight your business potential viability so you can obtain adequate financing and have a higher chance of getting loan applications approved.

Moreover, you also have to do a lot of scheduling and goal setting. Identify your objectives and create a timetable for achieving them. You also need to finalize your budgeting and calculate projected costs. These include expenses of purchasing and building facilities as well as the construction of actual structures.

Ensure Legal Compliance

It’s important to acquire all the necessary legal documents, such as licenses and permits, that apply to your chosen industry. Hire a lawyer so you can be fully guided while making legal decisions. You also need to have your business registered and the taxing figured out, so it will be helpful to seek professionals.

Select a Suitable Location

Choosing a location that has already been established as a major tourist spot gives you better assurance for profitability. However, if you are worried about the competition, you can also opt for less popular places.

Selecting a somehow hidden location will also work as a good marketing tool because tourists who prefer glamping like exclusivity. Imagine this, your regulars will be pertaining to your glamping resort as a rare find and a secret paradise. Be sure to still implement regulations in taking care of the environment. Additionally, contact a realtor so you can be informed of the leasing specifications.

Obtain Glamping Essentials

Of course, you’ll need tents for accommodation. There are multiple types to choose from out there, from sophisticated yurts to multi-room tents. Coordinate directly with a tent manufacturer or supplier in the Philippines and inquire about their pricing. You may qualify for a discount if you purchase tents in bulk. Other important items are portable stoves, beds or mattresses, furniture, and other amenities.

Planning is crucial for the success of any business. Remember, even the most ideal location won’t make up for a lack of diligent preparation and constant dedication.