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As one of the biggest developments in hospitality, glamping has raised the standards of creativity expected from hosts. Unifying together eco-lodges, safari lodges, camping sites and beyond-the-norm unique-stays, it has given these places an expected standard that can be daunting for long-time owners and new-arrivals to the industry alike.

Glamping is still establishing itself as a stand-alone industry and currently its expansion is driven almost purely by the creativity and innovation of those places wanting to offer something unique. Fortunately, while the number of destinations available has been growing at an unseen-before rate, there are already a number of businesses supplying crucial services and products. Adding essential experience and guidance along with their wares is helping create a solid foundation for what glamping sites offer today.

Below are featured a selection of suppliers into the glamping and safari industries that offer services that are the best value at the best prices.


Tent Manufacturer. Safari and Glamping Lodges. International.

Established in 2005, Escape Nomade design and produce high-end tented buildings for hotels and glamping sites. The tents are semi-permanent and heavy duty, based on a dense metal framework with high quality weatherproof fabrics and foundations that have been inspired by masonry buildings.

Built to last, Escape Nomade’s tents can be used for the creation of   tented villas, restaurants and spas which never need to be taken down and can withstand weather from any country or continent.  In fact, after producing tents for over a decade they have tested them in every kind of weather nature can throw.


They deliver world-wide and have a full architectural and interior design team, as well as a range of exclusive decor and furniture items which are all designed around client experiences in the tent.

Tent sizes range from 9 square metres to 150 square metres and all are available with insulation, platforms, wood and glass doors and a choice of roof designs. As add-ons, they can have luxurious independent or extended bathrooms while plumbing and electricals can be added easily as the tents have been designed with that in mind.

Interior decoration and design can also be done in house, so what a customer receives is a fully furnished tent.


In 2020, they are offering a new line of smaller units which can be installed anywhere in a matter of hours, allowing for efficient usage in a range of circumstances. These include festivals, building sites, corporate and household events and a load of other occasions.


2. Build With Hubs

DIY GLAMPING. UK and International.

Founded in 2014 as a Kickstarter campaign where over 400 backers pledged over £41k to get the business off the ground, Build with Hubs have created a new and exciting way of building for the glamping, camping and DIY industry.

What has made them so popular is how simple they make erecting bespoke tent structures. The Hubs are clever snap together connectors that make durable geodesic domes fun, easy and quick to build. Once the balls are screwed onto the sticks (of the right lengths) two people could easily build a dome in an hour. Making this perfect not only for serious site owners but also if you’re making a hideaway in the garden.


Hubs began when Chris Jordan, co-founder purchased a small 3D printer around the same time as he built a geodesic dome on his allotment using old chestnut fence pails, metal eyelets, twine, lots of glue and a big jig! It was beautiful structure but hard and time consuming to make. He thought perhaps they could design something that would make it easier to build a geodesic dome using wood. After much trial and error, and many 3d printed iterations, the Hub design was born.


One of the definite beauties of Building With Hubs is that every design is unique depending on the materials used. They have a straightforward online “stick guide” which enables everyone to quickly and easily calculate the stick lengths that will be needed to create the dome size they want. There is also a help site with further ideas and information on different approaches. If that isn’t enough, they’ll even speak to customers to discuss what they’re looking to create.


New products and services are also being added for the new year. These include greenhouse covers and garden sails that are perfect for creating a shaded spot as an addition to the dome. They are also working on an education pack, with lesson plans linking to the National Curriculum, to enable teachers to use the kits for multiple age groups. There is a lot of interest in the educational value of the Hubs as the applications continue to grow.

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3. GloDomes. America

Geodesic Domes

Ryan Duarte, co-founder of Glo Domes is on a mission to help people like you and me get themselves out of the rat-race and develop reliable streams of passive income. While unique accommodations on Airbnb and glamping sites are increasingly popular, to offer something different that can still produce a healthy revenue stream is a challenge for those developers who are just starting out.


The Glo Dome is a geodesic dome that is easy to assemble, sturdy and secure and magnificently versatile. Including air conditioning and heating each Glo Dome provides maximum comfort within the spacious interior. And, thanks to its organic yet futuristic aesthetic it can be decorated and styled however a site owner chooses. This allows a site owner to determine their unique appeal without relying solely on their choice of accommodation.

Glamping site owners have to be selective with what tents or units they are going to be using. Yurts, lodges, igloos and wigwams are popular but quite permanent and once they are erected it can be expensive to move them. Glo Domes however, have been designed to offer mobile-permanence. A team of four could assemble one in eight hours and take it down just as fast. The entire structure can be moved in the back of a pick-truck and each one comes with a five-year full replacement guarantee.


4.Pods by Futurerooms. UK.


Practicality does not need to compromise style or quality, and this is an ethos that has always been at the heart of Future Rooms. A family run business that has enjoyed great success in the manufacturing of exciting garden rooms for work, leisure and domestic uses, Future Rooms have now turned their attention to glamping accommodation with their unique selection of pods.


The design of the pods has developed over a number of years where Future Rooms were manufacturing a wide range of high standard timber-framed buildings. Through much research and development, they have a tried and tested selection of Pods that are of the highest quality and ideal for the needs of the clients, be it for glamping sites, exterior accommodation at home or private work areas.


There is a range of five pods. The shell models include a range of features that make them both practical and efficient and the interior can be adapted to include extra features depending on usage, such as a shower room, kitchenette or extended deck.

There are three types of roof cladding, larch, Decra Oberon tiles or Metrotiles.  There can also be different finish styles of wood, doors, windows and lighting, so that the client can create the perfect purpose-built Pod for them.


Every pod is hand made to the required size at the business workshop in Gloucestershire and shipped all across the country.

A nice extra feature that Pods by Future Rooms offers is assistance with all aspects of preparing and submitting planning applications, as this is something that is often overlooked by clients. Sometimes permission is not required, but it is always worth being sure.


5. Plastic Solutions. UK.

Tuffest Waste Management.

While glamping can be a very personal and bespoke enterprise, there is one area where standards cannot be lowered and that is how a site handles waste. Not every site is able to lay down reliable plumbing to and from the individual sites and so rely on storage tanks. Not only do these have to be completely reliable they also need to be discrete as to not disrupt the “atmosphere” promised by glamping.

Specialising foremost in the provision of tanks from 500 to 30,000 litres for above and below ground, the company also provides a range of complementary products. These include sewage lifting stations, waste pumps, rainwater harvesting tanks, sewage treatment plants, cesspool tanks and water pressurisation and pumping solutions. This “one stop shop” opportunity has proven very popular with site owners seeking to compartmentalise the essentials for their set up.


The glamping industry is one driven by unique experiences in unique locations. With every site striving to offer something that other sites do not, the challenges that site owners will be facing in the future in terms of their waste management infrastructure are only going to be more interesting. So, in a way, you could say that Plastic Solutions’ latest offering is actively encouraging this by being by far the most reliable tank of its kind on the market.

Now on the fourth generation, Tuff Tanks were designed to meet the ever-changing needs of portable sanitation suppliers, caravanners, campers and glampers. They are a more reliable, easier-to-move and cost-effective alternative to the old-fashioned steel waste tanks. Unlike steel, this product will not corrode and will always appear fresh and hygienic. In addition, this product features inbuilt lifting handles and access hatches and ports which are fully sealable against odours and spillage.


6.Lushna. Europe and UK.

Consultancy and Accommodation.

Lushna Glamping have become one of the go-to businesses for interests in Natural Resorts and glamping. Reputable and experienced and with a catalogue of successful businesses as clients they know how to plant the seed of a co-natural Resort creation and nurture its healthy growth.


Creating destinations that are in harmony with nature is fundamental for Lushna who believe that sustainable tourist destination is ineffective without it. According to them true glamour can only be found in the great outdoors and they follow the same principle when developing every Lushna destination.

In order to create unforgettable co-natural resorts, glamping sites and lodges, Lushna work closely with clients and provide complete destination development services and unique eco-cabins if needed.

A Natural Resort or Glamping site is suitable also for ambitious investors or municipalities who see ecotourism destinations as an opportunity for green investment and a way to generate fast profits and returns on investment.


It is clear that research is important to Lushna. Understanding that many first-time investors may be looking at it from the outside in, they have used their inside knowledge to create an ROI Calculator for new comers to make use of which will create a realistic estimate to what a person can expect to require in terms of investment.


7.Crown and Canopy. United Kingdom.


When it comes to consultancy there is no substitute for experience and as glamping is a fresh industry that is lengthening its stride everyone is running to keep up. This can make setting up your own glamping site both an exciting and daunting prospect, so it is always a relief to have someone to tell you the dos and the don’t dos.

Founders from left: Bill Goddard, Rebecca Goddard, Edward Busby

Crown and Canopy, founded in 2010, are a one-stop shop for newcomers to glamping and a valuable resource to seasoned site owners. With a  key knowledge base that the team has built up over the years after building their own retreats from scratch, running and managing them and then doing the same for other people.


Crown and Canopy’s services can be summarised in 4 key areas. Consultancy, design, building and interior design.

Consultancy. The company provides consultancy services to farms, estates, authorities and key organisations such as C&S and the National Trust. Working all over the UK providing reports, detailed appraisals, grant and planning applications to get projects off the ground and running

Design. Digital mapping services and full architectural design services are provided to each client. This forms an important step in the process of turning ideas into reality.

Building. They build bespoke sites using materials that they mill and process themselves to create a unique natural finish to each project. Bill, their build manager has a wealth of experience building a large variety of spaces from vans and wagons to cabins and round houses.

Interior design. Interior consultancy and design services lead a client through the entire process of creating an interior atmosphere.  Starting with design and mood boards and ending with procurement and installation.


8. Rotunda Roundhouse. UK.

Modular Eco Building Manufacturer.

The Rotunda is a modular eco-building, very popular for school rooms, garden homes and glamping sites. Manufactured in the North West of England The Rotunda is distributed in pre-fabricated panels to destinations and assembled onsite by the company’s joinery team. They will even do the paint job.

Each Rotunda is weather proof and supplied with argon filled double glazed windows, damp-proof membranes and full mains electrics as well as interior and exterior finishes as part of the package.  Each and every building is bespoke dependent on the finishes chosen.


Each Rotunda has a highly recognizable Mandala on the door, which is the company’s symbol and an emblem representing their quality and authenticity. Each of their buildings has one and it has become a symbol of their promise of quality.

The Rotunda Roundhouses can also include kitchen and bathroom units. These are designed ahead of time and keep with the circular, curving feel of the building, radiating outwards in an arc. Additionally, the majority of their clients opt for a veranda to enhance the entryway and to provide a shelter for outdoor seating or storage.

Timber-framed Rotunda buildings are installed in various sizes; from the small (2 person) 4m diameter garden office to a 12m diameter educational building.    These buildings can be extended, connected and configured to create an almost infinite number of unique configurations; perfectly suited to the client’s particular project and lifestyle.


9. AstecTherm. UK.

Thermal Insulation.

In Europe and especially in the UK, glamping sites may or may not be able to open during the winter due to their heating. Traditional indoor heating can prove to be too costly to install, and in some cases too hazardous as well. It is within this niche that ASTECtherm has set itself.


So how does it work? The system was originally designed as a low-energy solution for heating houses. The revolutionary infrared radiant heating system runs on extra-low voltage electrical current, making it very economical and safe to use.  Once installed, ASTECtherm heating systems are concealed within the fabric of the building allowing for greater wall space and a premium quality interior finish.  ASTECtherm heating films can be installed underfloor or plastered into the ceiling or walls, depending on your requirements.

ASTECtherm works by emitting FAR-infrared which directly heats the people and surfaces within the room. While most conventional heating systems heat the air.  This isn’t an efficient way of heating as it creates a lot of wasted heat which directly impacts the wallet.


Efficiency, this is a low-energy radiant heating system that uses infrared technology to directly heat up people and objects instead of the air, the heating material is a patented nanofibre fleece which is highly efficient at transferring electricity directly into heat. This means less money spent on running costs.

Space and safety, it’s unobtrusive and easily concealed and operates at a low surface temperature. It also creates minimal movement of allergens in the air and reduces condensation and mildew.

Convenience, low maintenance. Unlike conventional heating which can become unreliable if overused, ASTECtherm is low maintenance .


 10. Colapz. UK.

Easy Storage Products.

Colapz aims to make the “everyday” extraordinary and the “useful” beautiful too. Their business achieves this through the design and creation of space saving products and solutions for campers, glampers and boutique accommodation providers. Having already revolutionised buckets and clever watering cans, this wholly British company is changing the way we think about the value of space.

Colapz’s initial product and the ones that have since been developed have been highly influential in the design of accommodation for such industries as glamping. In this market space saving technology allows for more unique places to be designed without sacrificing the area to move in.  It has also helped many homes and homemakers to neaten up many areas and gain more space and declutter their lives.


Made from flexible, eco-friendly material, the cleverly collapsible products enable users to save space and at the same time do something about saving the world too. The products can be twisted down for compact storage and easy transport, while opening up spaces in homes, shops and lorries. Each product comes with a year-long guarantee but the expectation is that they’ll last a lifetime.

Collapsible 2-in-1 Water Carrier & Bucket:

Perfect for washing buckets and conveniently folding away out of site between trips, this fully collapsible and insulated product can be immediately used as a water dispenser or a bucket. With a capacity of 8 litres, it is perfect for outdoor water sources be it a water hole for playing kids, or a bucket for washing the car after a day out getting it muddy.


In the end, your business is an extension of yourself and your site represents you. This makes choosing the right business partners even more important.