The Logbook

The Logbook. August 2019.

Are we already heading towards 2020? How is it that 2019 has gone by so quickly?

The passing of time is only sped up by the connectivity of our lives. We are quickly losing the ability to patiently wait for information and updates, to appreciate the slower passing of time. Today, things must happen now, immediately and without hesitation.

When was the last time any one of us picked up an Encyclopaedia to find out information? Or paged through a dictionary for the correct spelling of a word? Instead, now we just ask our phones and are immediately gratified. What happened to the work that we used to have to do to find our answers? Nowadays, answers are cheap and immediate, and it only accelerates our passing through time because it means we only ever have to skim across the surface.

But there are ways to slow things down. As eco-tourism in hospitality and safaris become major industries, they bring with it the importance of stopping and just enjoying “being” in the complete “now.” This isn’t in some whimsical sense, but just taking the time to stop, count your breaths and enjoy the fantastic position it is to be alive.

Count your breaths, enjoy your surroundings. Remember that everything is temporary, and every experience is valuable.

Life is for the living.