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With a shared love of Africa and a passion for the wildlife found there, Namaste Safaris was created at the beginning of 2018. Founded by Dutch wildlife photographer and journalist Ingrid Kupers and safari guide Witress Nassary, it is a business based on building relationships and finding uncommon beauty.


Ingrid has spent years travelling the world, often with the goal of observing wildlife in many exotic and beautiful destinations. However, it was after her first trip to Masai Mara in Kenya that she became infected with a passionate love for African wildlife. The combination of the sometimes cruel reality of nature, the remoteness and the adrenaline of a wildlife adventure was something she became addicted to. And it was an addiction she felt was best shared.

Witress is a licensed guide with a degree in Tourism and a master’s degree in Natural resource Assessment and Management. Born and raised in the Kilimanjaro area, under the ‘Roof of Africa’, he possesses an enormous biological knowledge and is gifted with an eagle eye.  A combination that is a guarantee for success during game drives.

Ingrid and Witress


The business partners met during a visit Ingrid made to Tanzania. Although she had been on safaris in many places in the world and with many different guides, Witress stood out with his professionalism, knowledge and his ability to engage with clients. Afterwards, they kept in contact and soon began speaking about combining their strength and forming a safari business.

“Sharing our passion, making people aware of the importance of preserving nature and giving them an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime is what drives us”, Ingrid says.


Ingrid explains that they go the extra mile for their guests. Literally.  Where other safari companies have a restriction on the daily mileage, Namaste Safaris goes where they need to go in order to meet the expectations of their guests.

Witress explains that nature is not a zoo, animals move around, so it’s not a guarantee the specific wildlife guests would like to see is in a certain radius around the accommodation. “But we go as far as we need to go to track them down!”


So far, Namaste Safaris has worked mainly with European travellers and guests from the USA. For the regular safaris they offer tailor made, private trips, preferring to offer something unique for the guests.  The safaris generally last 15 days and overnight accommodation is arranged for the clients, depending on what suits them best.  The most important question regarding accommodation is whether a guest wants to experience the bush with all its sounds, smells and adventures day and night, or not. This can be the difference of sleeping in a tented camp or a lodge room.

The important thing is that Namaste Safaris does not see its guests as numbers. Every individual is important for the crew and the goal is to give everybody the guidance they need, according to their experience in travelling. Guests who are going on safari for the first time are guided in their preparations in detail.

“We don’t want people to miss out on something spectacular,” Ingrid says, “So we are flexible in the daily plans, adjusting to what nature offers on that particular day. That way we can increase the chances of getting the sightings our guests came to Africa for.”


Ingrid reveals that currently they are composing a Yoga & Safari trip to encourage guests to take the time to enjoy nature. To add to this intense feeling of connection with nature and disconnection from daily stressful life, the combination of yoga and safari is perfect.

“The yoga classes we will be offering during the Yoga & Safari trips are suitable for everybody,” she says, “Our philosophy is to give you an experience that will empower and stay with you forever.”

The personal approach is the way Ingrid and Witress can make the guests feel their passion and get them ‘infected with the wildlife virus’.

PRICE:  15 days safari, approximately €3500 euro per person (flight excluded)

ADDRESS:                              P.O. BOX 14805, Arusha, Tanzania

TELEPHONE NUMBER:       +31 627434148

EMAIL:                                   info@namastesafaris.com

WEBSITE:                              www.namastesafaris.com