Glamping South America

Altos de Quitor Cabañas y Glamping. Chile.

*As seen in The Logbook

Altos de Quitor Cabañas y Glamping was founded at the very start of 2015 by husband and wife team Marco Reyes and Livia Berríos who were looking for new challenges in their lives at San Pedro de Atacama.

There are six employees that work with the couple at the beautiful location which is situated at Salt Mountain and next to Pukara Quitor, a  central place from the locals. Employees are mostly from the area and training is provided to make sure everyone is on the same page and able to work as a team with the guest being the primary focus.


There are seven tents, five cabins and nine yurts and all decorated in an eclectic, rustic fashion with local textiles. The aim is to create a quintessential glamping environment where guests are able to enjoy the peace of this marvellous location while also finding the comforts required for a great night’s sleep.


Customer service is very important to Marco and Livia and they understand that for many people, their glamping site represents a new adventure into the area. So, they want to make sure that guests feel at home even if they are on holiday.

With this in mind, they are careful to build relationships in the right way by providing their guests with the best service, the cleanest and tidiest accommodation (even if they are in the middle of the desert) and open communication with them in their common areas. They also make sure all guests have access to the various activities and restaurants available in the area.


With some of the best night skies available at night thanks to the lack of light pollution they have recently launched some new accommodation and a star gazing tour.


The location is not in town, but rather a 25 minute walk out of it bringing a great deal of relaxation and quiet to the area. If guests need to make it to town they can either walk, take their vehicle or a bike which will take 10 minutes.

PRICE: 30 – 90 USD

ADDRESS: Callejon Flores #23, Ayllo de Quitor, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +569 91395038