Camping and Glamping Supplies

Top Glamping Accommodation Manufacturers for ecolodges and glamping sites.

The accommodation chosen for an ecolodge, safari lodge or glamping site will have a significant affect upon your guest’s experience. Every choice of accommodation offers something different and creates the atmosphere of the entire camp. We’ve provided some of the top manufacturers that we have featured over the last 14 issues.


  1. Outstanding Tents. Netherlands. Europe.

Deeply passionate about their product, innovative with their design and forward thinking with their marketing and development, Outstanding Tents is one of the newest tent manufacturers to spring out of Europe from their native home in the Netherlands.

  1. Exclusive Tents International. International.

Fifteen years and over sixty tent designs later. With celebrities, boutique resorts and government departments as their customers and friends, Exclusive Tents International has become one of the leading suppliers in the US for safari style tents, and one of the most trusted suppliers worldwide.

  1. East African Canvas . East Africa. Kenya.

For the relationship between a supplier and a client to develop and grow, there has to be trust. One of the ways to determine whether you can trust a supplier is by assessing how much passion they have for their work. We interviewed Group Managing Director of East African Canvas Company, Gary McIntyre. A man who is very passionate about the safari industry’s continued growth and who is also determined to shelter it.

  1. Ctents. Spanish.

The tent concept has barely evolved since the roman era but this has changed. Ctents have used their extensive experience and knowledge to develop a new concept of tent with the objective of user comfort and reliability.  This is a new step for the standard of glamping tents.

  1. Bushtec Safari Tents. South Africa

Having manufactured luxury tents for celebrities and royalty, and with regular clients from high-end destinations including resort development investors, safari lodge owners and tour operators, it is safe to say that Bushtec Safari does not simply make tents.


  1. Nomad Shelters. Alaska.

Founded in 1995 by Lee and Jess Tenhoff, Nomad Shelter is not only one of the most authentic yurt manufacturers, but one of the most authentic businesses in America. From living and working in their yurt to giving other people the opportunity to do the same, we spoke with co-founder Jess Tenhoff regarding their business.

  1. Millies Yurts. United Kingdom

Emily Gainsford, founder of Millie’s Yurts, is deeply in love with glamping and what she does to contribute to this ever growing and diversifying industry. Beginning her yurt production in 2012, in 2017 her business became a limited company and now her yurt building team is up to five people and she adores every second of it.

  1. Glo Domes. United States

The Glo Dome is a geodesic dome that is easy to assemble, sturdy and secure and magnificently versatile. Including air conditioning and heating each Glo Dome provides maximum comfort within the spacious interior. And, thanks to its organic yet futuristic aesthetic it can be decorated and styled however a site owner chooses. This allows a site owner to determine their unique appeal without relying solely on their choice of accommodation.

  1. Pods by Futurerooms

Practicality does not need to compromise style or quality, and this is an ethos that has always been at the heart of Future Rooms. A family run business that has enjoyed great success in the manufacturing of exciting garden rooms for work, leisure and domestic uses, Future Rooms have now turned their attention to glamping accommodation with their unique selection of pods.

  1. Smallwood Treehouses. United Kingdom

As a tailor-made supplier to the glamping industry Smallwood Treehouses don’t just design and build their namesake. After all, a treehouse is more than the sum of its parts, and owner Leigh Smallwood appears to have realised this. As a result, in creating lavish, luxurious, aesthetically sublime buildings what this company is doing is creating childhood memories for grownups.


Toilets and Storage:

  1. Natsol. United Kingdom.

Comparing compost toilets to your traditional WC, there are definitely a number of advantages to having a toilet system that doesn’t require indoor plumbing and all the detail that comes with it. Especially if you’re in the glamping industry and you want to ride that comfortable line between luxury and original settings.

  1. Plastic Solutions. Tuffest Tanks. United Kingdom.

Last year they exhibited  at the annual Glamping Show, Plastic Solutions is a leading UK manufacturer of plastic tanks for the capture and holding of toilet waste from outdoor structures. While this includes toilet blocks and site welfare facilities, it is the company’s involvement in the glamping industry, especially glamping pods, shepherd huts and log cabins that is gaining a lot of attention.

  1. Thetford. Australia. International.

The Thetford story goes back to 1963 in Michigan in the USA when Mr. Frank Sargent  invented a camping toilet that would be the base of Thetford’s world-famous Porta Potti. Since then, Thetford has become a global leader in RV Refrigeration, Cooking Appliances, Service Doors and Toilet Care Products.