The Logbook

The Logbook. July 2019.

As eco-tourism in hospitality and safaris becomes a major industry movement in its own right, with many parallels to the glamping philosophy, we have looked closely at the businesses around the world that are doing their part to engage and educate travellers.

Business stories are always unique and special, and we’ve highlighted the most inspiring and heartfelt ones in our thirteenth issue. Highlighted destinations and suppliers in South America, UK, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Africa and Madagascar.

Travel and hospitality is an industry as diverse and complex as any, with a vast spread of businesses feeding into it and as such we are also excited to mention that in addition to The Logbook, we will soon be launching an additional monthly magazine which will be specifically focussed at businesses involved in this vast and ever changing landscape. Looking at not only how people travel for leisure but how they travel for business and what business and business travel means today.

It is a very exciting time and it is very exciting to be able to offer it to you all.

Stay safe. Travel well. Be good.