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Refugio la Roca. Colombia

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Refugio la Roca was founded in 2012 by Ricardo Cancelado, a local climber who grew up with a deep love of climbing and the area. The story goes that years after he moved to Bogota to study cooking he met his wife who was an industrial designer and just as passionate about climbing and the outdoors as he. When he took her for the first time to show the land he had grown up on, she felt a magical energy that immediately connected her to this marvellous place. At that point they decided to start this life-time project together and Refugio la Roca was born.


Everything at Refugio la Roca is built in an eco-sustainable way.  Making use of natural materials and a deep respect for the various lives that live there in the Chicamocha canyon. Under the shadow of the deep mountains, the whole enterprise is in harmony with the amazing energy that abounds there.

There are thirteen private rooms and a dormitory with nine single beds. Wherever possible they have made use of the local handcrafts made by native people around Santander and Colombia.


​The Refugio la Roca is an ecological refuge, where visitors are guests into the natural world that they have seeded and created. Here, unlike a hotel, the eco-system and the animals that live there are more important than the people visiting.  There are no televisions, no safes and no air-conditioning. The rooms are rustic and comfortable and adapted to the natural space with eco-sustainable construction materials and methods that have created a calming aesthetic making the most of the environment without changing it.

The fundamental principles here are the tolerance for diversity and respect for the fauna and flora, the mission to preserve it, maintain it and take care of it. Each frog, spider, lizard, scorpion, snake, each bird and each species that inhabits their Refuge is valuable, unique and irreplaceable.


Refugio la Roca is a family of fifteen employees, half of which are local and all who are completely dedicated to the principles that make this destination so unique. They are on hand to provide local information for guests, ensuring that they get the best experience from their stay, forgetting about their daily problems and leaving with a new and better perspective about what it means to be alive.


Refugio la Roca is always growing and offering more for their community of fans which includes over 40k people on their Facebook page. Almost every month there is something different and this sort of activity has kept guests returning year after year and recommending this refuge to everyone they know.

PRICE. There are a range of rooms available from $10 a night to $100. All-inclusive Premium rooms at $480 US are available for two people, which include breakfast, dinner and activities.

*Reservations are essential for the refuge and this can be arranged on the website.


ADDRESS: km 22 Mesa de los Santos, Bucaramanga, Santander

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 313283137 – 3185738794 – 3185844784