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Pishon Tours. Tanzania.

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Pishon Tours was founded in year 2018 by Michael Kosani and his wife who have worked and enjoyed the tourism industry for over ten years.

They decided to launch their business to inspire more people to visit unforgettable Tanzania and to experience the wildlife, nature and cultures of the country. Right from the start they also chose to support the tourism industry through the sustainable selling of Tanzania’s national treasures and by properly training those individuals who have a passion for tourism.


Safari tours last on average from one day up to twenty and can take on small and large groups with a diverse selection of clients. Depending on what the client is looking for a typical Pishon Tour could take a group across a range of national parks, mountains and craters; on a game tracking safari to see the native wildlife or on a culture tour to see the people who live in this unique environment. As they tailor every tour it is all down to the desires and budget of the client.

The tours are supported by five locally employed and highly trained staff members who are responsible not only for the design of the safari but also for its operation. These staff members stand out as they are able to offer tours in a variety of languages.


Having dedicated themselves to offering the most complete package to their clients, Pishon Tours are very selective with the overnight accommodation partners that they use. As such, accommodation is always either with Sopa Lodges, Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge, Gran Melia Hotels or Serengeti Acacia Camps.

In Michael’s opinion, these sorts of business relationships are the pillar to any business entity especially in the competitive tourism industry. The better the relationship with partnered businesses the more customers a business will attain and retain due to good recommendations and reviews.

He also believes in building strong relationships with clients directly, which include what he considers the basics of good relationship development. This includes acknowledging the client’s choice and sharing with them openly the information about the services offered; focusing on exceptional communication and maintaining trust and above all exceeding the client’s expectations.

“People come on safaris because they want to be surprised,” Michael says, “They want an adventure.”


To make sure that their safaris are as fresh as possible, Pishon Tours update themselves depending on the type of season. Be it peak, high or low. Safaris are massively directed by seasonal changes with each one creating something unique and valuable to see. Pishon Tours stands out in this area as knowing the best places to go irrespective of the season.

There are also some new developments taking place, one of which will be the opening of their new camp Karatu Tanzania this year which will create a new offering for their current and new clients.


The average price range per person depends on the chosen safari package, number of days and nights that will be spent during the safari, safaris to be visited and the respective tourism season  of the year. Prices can all be found on the website or via contacting Pishon Tours directly.

EMAIL: info@pishontours.com

WEBSITE: www.pishontours.com