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Andes Nativo. Argentina.

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Inspired by the majestic mountain range of the Cordillera de Los Andes which gave life to ancient civilizations, and the impressive landscapes of the region carved into the rock by wind, water and time, Andes Nativo was founded in Nasca Peru by Edmundo Watkin.

Edmundo comes from a background starting with 4×4 expeditions in Patagonia in Argentinian and Chilean territory as well as tours in Bolivia, the Atacama Desert and Peru throughout the late 1990s.

He explains that the sheer vastness of the mountains and the matching depth of culture and tradition he found in the people living in these Andean landscapes had a profound influence on him. He chose to create a business that could educate and engage visitors to the region while respecting the environment and its unique biodiversity. A business centred around promoting a responsible and sustainable tourism approach and creating lasting memories for clients.

Specialists in a la carte travel, family and special orders, Andes Nativo offers bespoke tours tailored to the client’s particular tastes. With over eighteen years in the industry, Edmundo has a diverse itinerary and a gift for connecting the dreams of his clients to locations and adventures.


Working with an immediate team of three and partnering with colleagues in different regions Edmundo is an advocate of employing locally. Along with this he provides in-depth staff training to ensure he makes use of the local-knowledge while maintaining his business’ standards.

Tours are highly varied depending on capabilities, budget and particular client needs. He reveals that his shortest tour is roughly five hours long while others can last many days. According to him landscape tours are always popular but there is a growing interest for being introduced to and engaging with the native communities of the region such as in Titi Caca lake and the Argentinian northwest communities.


Not all of the available tours include overnight accommodation and Edmundo points out that it is very much dependent on the client’s wishes. If a tour is overnight, stays can be arranged in an assortment of establishments that he has personally qualified to his standards. These include hotels, camping and glamping sites and nights at native community lodgings.

Accommodation and tour itineraries are being updated all the time as he searches for more new and original destinations to explore. And they are involved in the creation of natural reserve and native communities.


To Edmundo setting the mood is very important and is a valuable tool to promote responsible tourism, so his focus is on developing his small but capable team. By developing his teammates he knows that they will in turn look after his clients and make sure they have the best possible experience.


Edmundo reveals that he has  been developing community tourism and trekking in the northwest of Argentina and Iguazu Falls. This will offer a new and exciting option for his new and current clients.

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ADDRESS: Sargento Cabral Los Reartes Cordoba Argentina

Panamericana Sur km 462 Lodge Wasipunko Nasca Perú

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0054 93535649690