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Essaouira: A Middle Eastern Coastal City In North Africa

Although not part of the Mediterranean, some North African countries do have similar weather. Morocco is one of them and is notoriously known for it’s amazing waters, advancing tourism industry and similar food. Hummus of course is a chickpea based food which comes from the nation itself, but the flatbread used to eat it with has its origins often disputed. What can you say about this country that isn’t going to sound picturesque? It’s sunny, with white and beige buildings that merge into the hot sandy mirage. The bazaar markets are full of vendors all trying to sell you their wares. Everything from silks, fabrics, sandals to freshly roasted kebabs and jewellery can be found in many a town centre. The coastal city of Essaouira is no different. It’s around 191 kilometres from the closest major city of Marrakech. Here’s why you might skip Marrakech and the capital altogether to explore this particular city.

Come on in

The waters of Essaouira are a mixture of calm still lukewarm as well as rapid and untamed. It’s a great opportunity to swim in the sea, enjoy the sun and relax on the beach. But for those that would like their holiday or travels to be a little more exhilarating you can always engage in water activities such as those from Explora Watersports. Surfing is the number one choice as the waves are not as terrifying as those you get in Hawaii. Beginner friendly, the waves just off the shoreline are not aggressive, making them perfect for first-time surfers. You’ll be taught by professionals and the instructors will take their time to show you the basics and get you comfortable riding the surfboard. It’s one of those activities you must do on a hot day before you go for dinner or lunch.

Flattening the knots

Sunbathing is relaxing but it’s all too generic. It’s a great way to calm down but it doesn’t really do much for your aches and pains. So while in Essaouira you should head down to Les Massages Berberes where they give a combination of Moroccan and Thai style massage. Favorably reviewed, it’s reasonably priced and has a little something for everyone. There are different levels of intensity so if you are somewhat sensitive to pain then the surface level massage using hot stones and oils is something you’d like. If you would like deeper pressure, you have the full Thai style whereby they will use hot stone, wooden pressure tools, and a thicker oil to allow for more hand grip. 

A Traditional Taste

Since you’re here, it’s time to try some of that famous Moroccan style cuisine. Go to the Les Alizes Mogador restaurant and try out some of the classic dishes. The tagine is of course the favourite of many as lightly seared lamb is then cooked in unique earthenware bowls, in a stew-like broth of vegetables and spices. 

Morocco is one of the more unique countries in Africa. It has a Middle Eastern culture yet it’s on the west coast. Brilliant for watersports, the Essaouira coast is more than just for sunbathing.