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Voyagers Travel. Ecuador.

Yolanda Ceron founded Voyagers Travel in 2002. Born in Ecuador, South America she comes from a family of travellers as her parents are explorers who taught her to love her country and the importance of getting to know it well. As such, she has always been fascinated with tourism and the idea of sharing the heritage of her country with visitors from all over the world. Offering them a unique, native perspective that they may not get anywhere else.


Today Voyagers Travel is a specialized, South American Tour Operator with over fifteen years of experience in arranging the top tours for discerning travelers who value quality destinations and unparalleled personalized service. With a reputation for making holidays memorable their tours can span across several of the regions bio-diverse and culture-rich countries.

The main Ecuador office is in Quito, with branch offices in Cuenca, Guayaquil and of course the Galapagos Islands where there are a number of Galapagos cruises available.


There are over ten locally employed and trained staff working with Voyagers Travel and the tours cover a great deal of area including a wealth of both natural and cultural beauty. Yolanda believes that to get a complete idea of what a place has to offer, it is important to experience both.

Cattleya river cruise, Peru


Visiting areas such as the Galapagos islands, the Amazon Jungle and regions of Peru and Ecuador, there is really a lot of both culture and nature to be seen. Managing all of the potentials and curating the perfect trip for the individual is where Voyagers Travel really shines.

Yolanda explains that travellers can often be uncertain on where to go and when to visit to get the best experience. They have an idea in their minds of what they want to see but don’t appreciate the full scope of what is on offer and the other details that influence the perfect trip.

Organizing tours to such incredible locations can be just as much fun to plan as they are to take part in. They are in constant contact with local operators of tours and cruise boats who are their friends and have worked together for a while.



Some of the most popular destinations that Voyagers Travel works with include Galapagos, Amazon Jungle, Quito, Andes, Lima, Machu Picchu and Iquitos. Clients can expect to have access to the latest and most up to date water, land and cultural tours as Yolanda and Voyagers Travel promote any new tour and service in Ecuador and Peru with a focus on customer satisfaction. According to him, clients generally travel between five to fifteen days and enjoy the best accommodation in hotels, lodges or water cruises.

The various itineraries are updated on a weekly basis and a new client can expect a brand new tailored and complete bespoke trip to be prepared for them within 48hours maximum.

“Travel is very personal,” Yolanda says, “So it has to be done right.”


PRICE:  From about US$999 up to $16000 per person.

ADDRESS: Bolivar #19 and Lola Quintana, Conocoto Quito – Ecuador

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 001 949 682 7745



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