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After quitting a prominent Project Management position to pursue a life inspired by the love of nature and travel and replete with the thrill of adventure, Simon K. Mbugua founded TravelMania Tours in 2015.

Born and raised in Nairobi Kenya, Simon has since grown his business to include a team of 12 amazing locally recruited staff who are well versed with the Kenyan terrain and culture. And, what makes TravelMania Tours unique is that they tailor their safaris to the specifications of their clients needs, taking into consideration all factors including what they want to see and what they are able to afford.


Not satisfied with merely providing safaris, TravelMania Tours aims to ensure that  guests and clients get the chance to experience the very best of Kenya and depart with an experience so moving that the rest of their life will be shaped by it. They seek to inspire their guests on a deep and profound level.

Having already made the decision to travel to Kenya, guests may have an idea in their minds of what they want to see and do. It is the responsibility of Simon and his team to convert those ideas into tangible results. This requires a great deal of skill because it is not simply about delivering a client to a location, but it is about directing their attention to where it needs to be.

As an example, Kenya has seven wonders of the world in their country, and this includes the Great Migration which sees millions of wildebeest cross the Mara River into the neighbouring Serengeti in Tanzania.

With TravelMania Tours, clients get to see this from their open roof 4×4 landcruiser which by itself will provide a great onsite opportunity to see this magnificent event. However, it’s the skill of the guides that they can point out the extra treasures that a person may have missed. Where are the predators, how are the younger animals in the migration protected, which animals are male and which are female?

The saying that there is more to see than can ever be seen is very appropriate as such enormous events can be bewildering for first time visitors.


Accommodation ranges from 5 star hotels to the most sought after bush camping experiences where clients can immerse themselves fully in the wild experience. Daytime and night time Kenya are two very different worlds, both providing their own sensory experiences, for example the daytime is almost silent in comparison to the sounds of the night.


Safaris are updated regularly to keep them as accurate and rewarding as possible and TravelMania Tours have also partnered with the Africa Wildlife Foundation in raising funds for the protection of the endangered rhino species.

Clients are kept informed regarding events and developments like this and are updated on new and upcoming travel destinations and deals that they should look out for. They also provide vouchers and from time to time sponsor trips and safaris to accommodate frequent travellers that use TravelMania Tours as their preferred tour operator.

PRICE: $100 US to $5000/per day depending on trip.

ADDRESS: 24372-00100 Nairobi Kenya
TELEPHONE: +254720786248
Cc: kagirimbugua07@gmail.com