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Tafika Travel Advisor. Zambia.

NOTE*: After research into the matter we have discovered that Tafika Travel Advisor is not a business that we would like to recommend to our readers. Very poor online reviews, complaints about money and services have warranted us to warn our readers against using this company. We have repeatedly tried to get in touch with the management but he has refused to comment or respond. We always advise our readers to do their due diligence before using any companies.

Since 2013, Tafika Travel Advisor have specialized in making sure that their clients get the best out of their journeys and adventures to the southern African countries. The only independent ground handling company specialising in Zambia and its surrounding countries, few businesses can boast the same level of all-round knowledge of the tourism industry product and how it all works.

After spending over fifteen years working in the travel and tourism industry, booking, overseeing and arranging safari and travel services, founder decided and wanted to create something unique that provided a much needed service that could be held to the highest standards.



Now employing seven staff members, the team aim for faultless administration of their clients’ safari and travel arrangements. Offering a personalised service that begins from the first contact and continues all the way to the end of the tour or safari, they are a crucial partner for many first-time travellers to Africa who want to have a smooth and flawless experience. Networking with lodges, game parks, safari providers and car hire companies Tafika Travel Advisor is able to create an itinerary to suit the guest’s desires and ambitions as well as provide important information about the destinations.


There are various safari packages available, ranging from two nights to three week long day and night safaris and clients can choose based on what bests suits their interests and budgets.

Most of the safari packages feature the most top tourist destinations in Zambia and they also offer additional packages combining other southern African countries. It is a very diverse continent and each country, be it Malawi, Botswana or Zimbabwe, Namibia or South Africa all have something unique to share. And Tafika Travel Advisor make it possible to extend a trip to include all of it.

Accommodation is also handled and what is available all depends on the budget. Clients can choose a wide selection of options ranging from glamping and camping sites, luxury chalets or executive hotel rooms. 


Paul believes in engaging and looking after his clients, and clients can expect a “check in” phone call during their trip to see how things are going and if there is anything needed. This helps not only build a stronger relationship but also gives them the chance to manage anything that may have gone astray. If a family suddenly find themselves stranded in the middle of Africa if a car breaks down, it makes all the difference knowing that there is someone just on the other side of the phone ready to help and sort things out.


To ensure the best quality, Paul explains that they usually visit all the camps, lodges, hotels and activities providers to get first-hand information and if there are any changes they always update their safari packages based on the suppliers changes in order to match with what is on the ground.


Tafika Travel Advisor has been involved in charities work through the SlyPaul Foundation which has provided clean and fresh water in rural community schools, health centers, and villages. This organization is affiliated to Life Living Water Fund in the USA.


From camping which is US$45 per person per night for camping and ranging from US$320 per person per night for safari packages

ADDRESS: PO Box 510338, Airport Road, Chipata – Zambia

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +260 979 181337

EMAIL: info@tafikatraveladvisor.com

WEBSITE: www.tafikatraveladvisor.com