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Sawdust Farm Camp. Cleveland.

*Sponsored. As seen in The Logbook

You should never turn down the opportunity to completely disconnect. But detoxing from the hyper-connectivity of today’s world can be harder than you think. WIFI is everywhere and there is also the expectation from friends, family and work to always be plugged in and available. What we all need is a place that is warm, comfortable and secluded that offers us the perfect excuse to just leave the devices in the car.


Moonshine Cabin was named after the area was used by moonshiners during prohibition. It is a quintessential cabin in the woods that sits upon Sawdust Farm Camp which in turn, got is name from the sawdust left by loggers in the 60s. Founded as a business venture in 2017 by Morgan and Adrienne. Morgan was a third generation business owner and artist that wanted to get back to nature and Adrienne has a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art that found her inspiration from the natural world. For them both this one-room cabin represented not only an opportunity for their escapism, but the chance to share it with other people looking for something similar.

From the road guests can drive right up to the snug one-room cabin which is surrounded by tall trees and well away from the main road. Here, visitors find a complete return to the essentials. Guests can chill out on the porch in the hammock, or hike in the woods, visit the creek down the hill or enjoy the firepit with s’mores and wine from one of the local wineries. Also the creeks are home to red-sided dace, and 10 rare species of birds, including cerulean warblers.

Inside is exactly what you would expect to find in a logger’s cabin.  A comfortable bed with loads of extra blankets and pillows and solar powered lighting with USB only outlets. A cast iron cook stove, counter, cabinets with cooking utensils, propane Colman camp stove and a new blue flame propane heater are also provided as well as everything needed to cook with. Wood is stored outside and there is cleaning and drinking water readily available.


Adrienne is not the only artist who has been attracted to the cabin.  Between 1969 and 1976, naturalist Isabelle H. Klein wrote a collection of letters from the cabin for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Explorer Magazine which were published as the book, “Letters From Sawdust.”

When new guests arrive, Adrienne and Morgan take the time to meet them, show them around and tell them about the history of the cabin and the area. According to Adrienne, this creates a much more detailed idea about where they are staying and appreciation for the simple beauty of it all.

View from the road.


Not wanting to disrupt the cabin’s wonderful charm and uniqueness, there are no plans to develop the land or dramatically change their formula. Instead, Morgan and Adrienne are planning more structures in a similar minimalistic style for the future. They are also building an outdoor propane shower and developing a new site featuring a tepee.


Sawdust Farm Camp is surrounded by Sawdust Preserve and is part of the Natural History Museum of Cleveland, Natural Areas Program, so hiking permits are available but GPS is important as there are no defined trails.

PRICE. $35 a night + $45 cleaning fee

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 216-548-5917


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