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Safaris I Can See. Zimbabwe.

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Founded in 2014, Safaris I Can See was the brain child of Sean Hind, a fully qualified guide with twenty years of experience ranging from learner host to camp manager. Together with his wife Sara who not only runs the office but also has her guides license, their business provides the perfect safari and tour matches for avid travellers to Zimbabwe.


Both Sean and Sara were born and grew up in Zimbabwe and spent their childhood holidays gallivanting around the country. Combining this with their experience of managing safaris and camps with a deep love of the bush and what they  offer is an insightful and engaging opportunity to experience one of Africa’s greatest natural landscapes.

Having lived in the United Kingdom for a number of years, their love for Africa and the continent’s diverse beauty brought them back and encouraged them to share this love with others.

Sara explains that when they were working in the camps and lodges, they would often see guests who had been completely mismatched with the type of safari they were on. This gave them the idea to start their own travel agency and offer Sean as a private guide, ensuring guests were looked after the whole way round their trip and were able to enjoy their safari to its fullest.

Zimbabwe has had its fair share of challenges but Sara and Sean are proud at how these difficulties have only made its people stronger and friendlier, and it is this joy that guests get to experience.



Safaris I Can See is a small company with Sean and Sara handling all bookings and queries. The tours and safaris are entirely tailored, depending on the guest’s time and budget. They do recommend at least ten days however as this allows guests to get a complete and satisfying experience of Zimbabwe.

Sean meets guests at the airport upon arrival and stays with them throughout the safari. He has been a fully qualified Professional Zimbabwean guide for over 10 years with a true passion for the bush which he freely shares with anyone who is keen to learn.  He is also an avid wildlife photographer and is able to provide essential tips on photographing all sorts of critters found in the bush.


Even the accommodation is tailored around the guest. Depending on budget and how adventurous guests want to be, the types of places to stay range from safari lodges on private concessions to mobile camping on the banks of the Zambezi River and everything inbetween.


Because of the incredible personal service that they offer their guests, and with Sean’s winning personality, most become friends with the couple.This sort of relationship building is an intrinsic part of the business with a great importance.

From working in camps and lodges, and from Sean’s time spent in the industry, there is no where he takes guests that he doesn’t know someone.  These relationships with camp and lodge staff make all the difference.  To be able to offer their guests the best safari and experience of their life, they need to know where they are booking them.

When potential guests contact them, Sara likes to phone them and speak with them regarding their requirements and get an important feel for them. This cannot be achieved over messages and emails and is so important to matching them with the best safari experience.


Malaria and the sun are the biggest dangers to the traveler, precautions need to be taken for both.  All animals encountered on their safari are wild and need to be treated with respect. This is Africa after all.

PRICE: depends on guest budget and requirements.

ADDRESS: 9 Runnymede Walk Mount Pleasant Harare Zimbabwe

TELEPHONE NUMBER:  Sara +263 772 301095,  Sean  +263 777909325