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Desert Luxury Camp. Morocco.

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For centuries, travellers to Morocco have stood in awe and marvelled at the vast enchanting sands of the Erg Chebbi desert. One of Morocco’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders, these apricot toned sands beckon the traveller with their stillness and their softly undulating dunes.

The Erg Chebbi Desert Luxury Camp was founded to bring travellers the best experience upon these sands and as an escape from the city crowds. With the option for guests to have a private camp experience or to stay at the main camp, what is promised is a revival of the senses upon an oasis of calm serenity.


 Exploring one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world, The Desert Luxury Camp offers a genuine experience of desert life. Apart from the ever-present guide and a guest’s fellow companions, the only other people that a group may encounter during the stay are the native Berber Nomads that call this beautiful but harsh environment home.

The two founders, Abdou and Hamid both grew up in deserts. Abdou grew up in the Sub Saharan Berber villages in the Draa Valley and Hamid grew up on the sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi Desert.  Both have worked extensively in the tour industry, operating camel and driving tours across some of the most unique places in the world. Their paths crossed and they became firm friends and built their business together.

One of the reasons they decided to build this oasis in the dunes, was because according to Hamid, the desert was losing part of itself as it became too commercial and busy and filled with people going on tours. Developing their own location meant they could offer their guests the peace and solitude for which people come to the desert for.


There couldn’t be a more peaceful setting. With the site encircled by sand dunes, it is an exquisite location. There are five luxury desert sleeping tents set up in the main camp and each one has been carefully designed to offer the highest comfort and luxury.  Their tents radiate through earthy hues, handcrafted furniture and soft textiles. Each tent has either double or twin beds inside with a seating area and an ensuite bathroom which include a shower, flushing toilet and a hand basin as well as running hot and cold water.


The private desert camp allows guests to indulge in the ultimate privacy on the sand dunes. Quite exclusive, so it does need to be booked ahead, this is the ideal place for honeymoons and special occasions . The sleeping tents here have been designed with a Moroccan-come-modern decor mix and also come with ensuite and hot and cold water.


Stays at the royal camp can be arranged as a private camp or as a sharing camp with others. This includes two royal tents perched on top of the desert dunes showing the Sahara landscape below.

The largest size of 13x10m and laden with handmade Moroccan rugs, solid wood king sized beds, comfortable seating areas, dressing areas and a full-size mirror. Each tent is ensuite with private a bathroom that features a flush toilet, sink, shower and separate stand-alone bathtub!


Within the camp there are many places set aside for guests to take a moment and enjoy the views of the desert. There is also a tented restaurant which offers traditional three course meals served at dinner and when the night falls, the camp lights up with lanterns, a campfire is lit, and the music begins.

Here the true meaning of desert glamping is revealed combining royal luxury, tranquillity and extraordinary vistas with celebration and joy.


€200.00 – €320.00/ person per night


0 – 6 years old Free.

7 to 12 years old  (€50.00)

INCLUDES:  Night in luxury tent. Breakfast and dinner. Lunch for stays 2 nights and many activities such as camel trekking

PHONE:+212 662-344816, +212 666-367122