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B.Glamp. City of Baguio Philippines

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The coolest ideas come out of innovation. In November 2016 B.Glamp officially kicked off on the rooftop of a family home in the heart of the Philippines. What could be simpler than a rooftop glamping bed and breakfast in the city? What could be even cooler?


The idea came about after an overseas trip. Harriette Baniqued, who is the representative of the young company, and her family stayed for a week in a glamping site. The huts that they stayed in were within a compound with shared/common outdoor dining, barbecue area, toilet and baths. It was very social amongst guests from other huts. Harriette and her parents immediately thought of their rooftop at their home and began thinking if it’s something that they can make work?

It has been a very successful 2 years and half since they launched this project. While Harriette explains that it is a project that all six members of her family are involved in, it is really her parents in the drivers seat as the real business persons. Her siblings and herself on the other hand are all involved in different fields, ranging from commerce to architecture and engineering. Harriette herself is an engineer with a corporate background  and more than a decade of experience.

However, the business works well and has clearly tapped into the almost bottomless pool of excitement for new and interesting accommodations.


B.Glamp is the first and only rooftop glamping bed and breakfast in the City of Baguio Philippines. Offering a totally unique experience even for seasoned glampers. Additionally, Baguio City is the Summer Capital of the Philippines and Home to the annual Flower Festival called “Panagbenga”.

The rooftop has a 24 person capacity with tent sizes ranging from one to six persons. Each tent is complete with airbeds, pillows and blankets. Breakfast is served in the morning in a communal fashion. Harriette explains that most of their friends, colleagues and acquaintances always ask for recommendations on places to stay when in the city. But there are limited places where you can still enjoy nature with a view, have an outside space  and a bonfire. B.Glamp offers all of these and the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a different pace of hospitality.

“As we learn more about glamping,” she says, “We were happy to find that we hit the nail on the head when we made it more about the full experience than just the place to sleep.”


As this is a new venture for them, relationship building and feedback is very crucial. Harriette says that they want the experience to be more personal to each of the guests. To achieve this, they are hands on and prepare everything themselves to ensure that they are accessible to every visitor. This includes taking the time to talk and interact with them, help themselves feel at home. Like, as if they were crashing at a friend’s place.

Tapping into the social media strength that such unique places can create, B.Glamp also have merchandise and soon, an online souvenir store for guests wanting a keepsake of their stay in B.Glamp.


The mountain view is incredible, the pine trees give the whole place a gorgeous pine smell and the mist in the afternoon gives it a mystical ambience to enjoy. The changing scenes from sunrise to sunset that is just right in front of the guests is something to watch for. There is a bonfire at night, the stars are incredibly bright and the birds chirping create the morning alarm. It is a chance for guests to not only reconnect with nature and themselves but meet and form a long lasting friendships.

“Be ready for the ramps and stairs though,” Harriette says, “It’s on the fifth level.”

Fifth floor view.



ADDRESS: 34 Chapis Village, Baguio City 2600 Philippines

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +63 2 9839864 or +63 74 4425983


WEBSITE: (temporary website)

PAGES: @bglamphq / #bglamp for Instagram & Facebook