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Valencia is located on Spain’s eastern coast, at the mouth of the Turia River, right in the centre of the Gulf of Valencia. It is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, a stretch of water which has gradually forged the city’s character over the centuries. Valencia’s geographical location makes it an excellent operational base from which to explore the rest of Spain. At just an hour and a half from Madrid by train, three hours from Barcelona by car, and with daily departures to the Balearic Islands, the capital of the Mediterranean is well worth a visit. Bask in the city’s pleasant climate, stroll along its wide sandy beaches, just fifteen minutes from the centre of Valencia, catch a glimpse of its past, sample the local cuisine and discover the richness of its culture.

Shopening Night

This Thursday 6th of June València becomes the fashion scene for another evening filled with fashion discounts and events that will encourage everyone wishing to enjoy the city.

The whole Shopening Night area will feature a great number of performances, music, shows, samplings, raffles and much more. A wonderful evening of shopping in València with a special setting in which music will reign in the streets of València.

Meat lovers get ready

The largest festival of meat and fire in Spain, is back in València. The meat carnival  will take place from 20th – 24th June at the city’s Marina.

The grills and creations will be more visible to the general public, who will have a more direct appreciation of how the different productions are prepared. In addition they will prepare the traditional roast lamb to the stick.

One of the new features will be to cook a full roast beef on the barbecue. In this year’ edition, there will be 37 food and drink stalls of top culinary quality.

València will once again celebrate Corpus Christi, on Sunday 23 June

This is one of the city’s most colourful and long-standing traditional celebrations, where pagans and Christians gather together for a truly one-of-a-kind range of events.

Some of these are the allegorical dances of the Moma and the Momos, accompanied by the traditional sounds of the dolçaina and tabalet; the unusual Poalá, in which the less fortunate run the risk of being soaked; the amazing Paso de las Rocas, a procession of traditional carriages that represent biblical stories; and the solemn religious procession of the Custodia (“monstrance”).

The city of València will become a great festival!


Summer Solstice

Also taking part on the 23rd June is the summer solstice which is celebrated in a big way on the beautiful beaches of València. Some of the key features of Noche de San Juan are fire, magic and joy.

Make your own cleansing bonfire with free firewood that will be handed out at the beaches of Malvarrosa and Cabañal from 7 p.m.

Don’t miss out on the midnight traditions, such as skipping the waves or burning fire which predict good luck. And keep in mind that the beach is for everyone and the greatest thing to do is to keep the beach free of litter, make sure to use the bin liners that will be handed out from 9 p.m. onwards and follow the Town Hall’s advice.

Let the rainbow flow

Get all your rainbow attired and get ready to use it on Saturday 29th June for the annual LGBT Pride Marchthat will be flowing through those beautiful streets of València.

The Pride Parade will start from Puerta del Mar 7:30 pm and will end in Plaza del Ayuntamiento (City Hall Square) around 9:30 pm, where The Pride Festival packed with loads of artist and DJ’s will start. Get ready to have fun and celebrate love the whole night! Join in!