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Aptly named, Hello Tanzania was founded by Sylwia Boniecka in 2010 and has a story that has become a reflection of the feelings of many of her clients. During a trip to Tanzania regarding another business, Sylwia, who is Polish, fell in love with the country and decided that she had to be connected with it forever.

Before setting up Hello Tanzania, she spent a few years travelling around the area, getting to know the local people in the Shynjanga region and found that Tanzania is more than just a country destination. It is a people, it is a culture, it is a history and it is a feeling.


From photo-hunting of the Big Five and seeing the snows of Kilimanjaro, diving around the Mafia and Pemba islands and basking on the white beaches of Zanzibar; seeing rhinos standing proud in Ngorongoro Crater and a million wildebeest crossing crocodile infested waters. Tanzania has a lot to offer the modern day tourist.

With safari tours that last from a single day to a fortnight, Sylwia says that the company’s greatest strength is their team which is comprised of local and international employees from all over the world. The international team members know exactly what their visiting guests expect regarding comfort and safety while the local employees know what are the best sights and experiences to create the sense of tremendous awe.

The second advantage is that the company is flexible and endeavours to match trips to each client. They talk with their clients and get to know them so that they can understand their needs, budget and expectations and can adjust the safari and tours to accommodate. There is so much to see and do in Tanzania, a land that is beautiful and still very wild, that irrespective of budget a great adventure can be had. And Sylwia believes everyone deserves the chance to have it.


Clients usually stay in private and fully equipped safari tents that come with toilets and showers but alternative digs can be arranged if needed.

Hello Tanzania has won awards from Tripadvisor thanks to their keen customer service and great reviews.   Part of this has to come from Sylwia’s efforts to ensure that all customer relations are looked after. She contacts clients after their safaris and takes notes on their comments, taking all suggestions into consideration in an ongoing effort to improve and grow her business.

“With relationship bulding, we approach each client individually,” she says, “I answer every question, I try to advise on the selection and during the safari, if possible, I will check if the customers are satisfied.”


Sylwia is preparing a series of new “off the trail” safaris that will be available on the company website. These will offer safaris in lesser known places, out off the main tourist route.


Tanzania is a beautiful country but all guests and clients are reminded to remember the differences in culture and respect the environment.  Observe but don’t disturb the rhythm of life of fauna and flora

PRICE.  500-600 €

TELEPHONE NUMBER:  +4915205204309 or whatsapp +971551797277

EMAIL: reservations@hellotanzania.com

WEBSITE: www.hellotanzania.com