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Wamba Gorilla Tours. Uganda.

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Dedicated to sharing the amazing and unbridled beauty of Uganda and East Africa, Wamba Gorilla Tours  offer everything from short excursions, great ape trekking to wildlife safaris, long adventures, car rentals and car tours.


Immanuel Wamba founded the business and has been working in the industry of safaris and tours for over eight years after worked full time in Ugandan wildlife Parks since the 2000s. He knows that to see Uganda properly you need to be able to offer different kinds of tours.

Thanks to his scope of experience and the experience of the seven highly skilled mobile safari guides he works with, Wamba Gorilla Tours are able to offer their clients a full range of trips to ensure that nothing is left out.  Having progressed beyond the tours that they organized at the start, they provide various other services to the public that include vehicle hire and rentals and travel ticketing services.


As proud members of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), Immanuel knew it was important that he work with people whose experience and passion matched his own. As such, the team now runs with three office administrators and seven safari guides.

Wamba Gorilla Tours is also mindful of a guest’s travel safety and accommodation, so they partner with a variety of hotels of different standards. Some of their Internal Air Travel partners are Aero Link Uganda & KEA Flights


Much more than just a tour company, Wamba Gorilla Tours creates and entire user experience that is personalized and exclusive. An unparalleled cultural affair that far exceeds the expectations of guests.

Beyond the safaris, they connect guests with some of Uganda’s top-rated chefs, specialty artisans, artists, wine producers, hotel and rental owners, and entertainers.

Their unrivalled passion for the best travel experience and the beauty of Uganda provides the foundation for the services that their business is based on. Such as their long or short safaris which are a thrill to the senses where guests step away from the trappings of modern life and get into Africa’s immense wilderness, wildlife, people and star-filled skies.

Wamba Gorilla Tours also provide fantastic honeymoon treats. Africa is after all one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. And for special occasions like this, you should only work with the best providers.



For some, freedom is having the whole country at your disposal. Short-term car hire options are available if guest’s are planning a brief jaunt, or if the plans include mapping out a road trip, Wamba’s one way or long-term rentals are ideal.

PRICE: £76 to £1,145 per person per day (GBP, excl. int’l flights)

WEBSITE: www.wambagorillatours.com

EMAIL: info@wambasafaris.org