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Harmony Glamping and Boutique Hotel. Tulum.

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Imagine waking up surrounded by beautiful gardens and the sounds of nature, in a magnificently comfortable bed nestled between the white beaches of Tulum and the thick Mayan jungle. This is what the guests of Harmony Glamping Tulum experience every morning.


Located in the vibrant town of Tulum, on the grounds of the Green Beat Organic Permaculture Farm, Harmony Glamping is the epitome of luxury jungle glamping. Lovingly built using eco-friendly materials and technology according to the green philosophy that has become the signature of glamping, this offers the unique experience of enjoying the jungle accommodation without sacrificing any of the creature comforts.

With the options of a luxury bell tent, or one of the six magnificent suites which come with AC and private bathrooms, guests are guaranteed a wonderful experience that will leave them utterly spellbound.


The enigmatic city of Tulum is one of the most exclusive destinations within the Mexican Caribbean, with spectacular white beaches that are still practically untouched. The city has three main areas of interest, the beach, town and the archaeological site. Harmony glamping is located only 5km away from the beach, 4km from the archaeological site and a short 4-minute walk to all the popular cafés and restaurants in town.


Investing fully into the glamping approach of leaving little or no footprint to the site, Harmony was built using sustainable materials such as dead wood harvested by Mayan communities, and  rock that was harvested from the surrounding land. The perimeter fence was constructed out of rammed earth, and even though some of the walls were built using construction blocks, the owners used a Mayan technique made out of Sascab and sand to coat them.

Most of the beds and furniture are made out of recycled pallets repurposed so skilfully that you’d never know the difference judging on the comfort. Bio climatic principles were employed when building and orienting the house in a way to get the most sea breeze and northern winds possible. This aids in keeping the rooms cooler and reduces the use of the air conditioner.

During the building process no mature trees were disturbed and the surrounding plants and gardens, which are all native local plants, are fertilized naturally with the use of worm castings and compost from the Green Beat farm.

Wastewater,  both grey and black is treated through a bio digester that enables this water to be reused for underground irrigation for the garden. Creating a completely ecological system that happens in the background.

“The commitment to green glamping is important to us,” says owner Xavier Fux, “It is important to us that should we ever leave these sites, that we leave them in a better condition than when we arrived. This is sustainability that works.”

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