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Egypt possesses a majestic beauty and is on the bucket list of many travellers. Attracted by its ancient and sophisticated history as one of the oldest nations in the world as well as it’s many adventures, Egypt draws in scholars, intellectuals, holiday and thrill seekers alike. To make sure that you get a complete and total experience, you need to know someone on the inside who can show you the secrets.

Egypt Us Tours was founded ten years ago by  Mr. Mohamed Abbas, who has been a tour guide operator since 1996 when he set up his business with the intention of offering the highest standard of service in private tours.

His business design and plan dream vacations for their clients and believe that tourism is not just a business but an opportunity to promote friendship, humanity and understanding. It is Mr. Abbas’ goal to share the incredible cultural and historic wealth of the Egyptian civilization with all other cultures and to foster an appreciation for the influence it has had on the modern world.


On the Egypt Us Tours website new and returning clients will find a selection of fixed and customised travel services and packages aiming to provide those once-in-a-lifetime trips. Functionally the website is smooth to use and straight forward, providing a wide variety of potential trips including glamorous cruises along the Nile, city tours and backpacking expeditions across the dunes.

There are also additional add ons provided by many top operators that can be included in the package. For instance, you may want to spend several nights on a wonderful cruise ship as it leisurely sails down the Nile while taking an afternoon to learn how to sandboard!


Working with a team of 12 staff members who are all locally employed the tours available last from two days up to twelve. The tours are updated every year to ensure they remain relevant and customer focussed, and overnight tours are enjoyed in eco lodges, tents and hotels, depending on which tours are chosen.

Quality is essential for the company who do great work in ensuring that every detail is catered for. It’s not simply enough that a client should get the chance to visit Egypt, but also that they should want to return again.


Relationships are the main way that Mr Abbas has built his business and customers and guests can expect a genuinely engaging and memorable trip. After all the aim is not to simply satisfy the urge to visit the land of the Pharaohs. But furthermore, for clients to leave amazed and deeply moved by it.


This year new programmes are being released that will bring a further element of culture and safari to the Egyptian tours. Attracting in as many new clients as returning ones wanting to discover more about this beautiful land.

PRICE: 7 Days Tour Safari Siwa and Baharya Oasis $900 per person.

TELEPHONE: +201111400212 / +20 120 046 1770