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Château des Barrigards. Burgundy.

*As seen in The Logbook

 Built in 1904, the Château des Barrigards  can be found in the heart of Burgundy, between Beaune and Dijon, among vineyards and fields. In 2008, it was fully renovated to its current luxurious standard and has become a highly prized holiday rental for wine and art lovers seeking the Burgundy experience. A grand opportunity for someone to enjoy having the run of the Chateau.

The Château

The very word “Chateau” speaks of luxury and royalty, of plushness and history which are elements that need to be carefully balanced. For example, at the Château des Barrigards there is a harmony between the atmosphere of a historic location and the finest modern standards.

Beautifully decorated and furnished with 18th century paintings and furniture, the Château offers a sophisticated standard that is full of history and secrets. It is perfect for the lovers of art and wine who seek to get lost in a typical French château, or writers seeking inspiration from the palatable atmosphere to be found here, or business travellers wanting to take some time out and enjoy one of their deep stand-alone bathtubs.

In fact, speaking about the bathtubs, many hotels and residences are judged by the condition of the kitchen and the bathrooms. This kitchen would make any professional chef quite happy and the only problem with the bathrooms is that nobody will want to get out of a bathtub as deep and as inviting as the ones here.


There are three bedrooms and four bathrooms. A spacious kitchen, foyer, dining room and a laundry room. The first two bedrooms are located on the second floor and each room has one queen-sized bed and an en-suite bathroom which is fully equipped with bathtub (see above) and shower. The third bedroom is located on the top floor and has two full sized beds and an en-suite. This particular bedroom also provides a beautiful view of the vineyard and a 14th century chapel.

The living room is decorated with 18th century furniture, tapestries, and paintings and includes a working fireplace. The kitchen is fully equipped with a six-burner oven, microwave, dishwasher, toaster and coffee machine. The kitchen table is big enough to seat eight people for casual breakfast, lunch and dinner. If necessary, a larger table is available in the dining room for more elegant occasions.


High season: From April 27 to November 2: € 1,365 per week.

Low season: Off dates indicated if above: 1, 155 € the week.

Obligatory cleaning in addition: 250 €

Tourist taxes included

Minimum stay: 4 days.

EMAIL: barrigards@aol.com

WEBSITE: Booking site.