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Château de Montastruc. France.

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While Château de Montastruc has only been opened to guests for the last ten years, the château itself is a listed historical monument and an ancestral family country-house. Current owners are Philippe de Fitte and his wife Ségolène de Martin du Tyrac de Marcellus. In 1998 they initiated major restoration works to lovingly bring the château back to its former glory. The Château is now in superb condition and can accommodate guests for a week or more allowing them to get a full immersion into the antique and aristocratic French country house life-style.


Montastruc offers ten bedrooms accommodating up to twenty guests, served by eight bathrooms, three living rooms and a large dining room. There is a library with thousands of books in French and English, a French-billiard room, two pianos, and last but not least a series of very cool underground vaulted rooms for parties.

The outside grounds cover fifteen hectares of forest and land reserved for the guests and include a large swimming pool. Table tennis and bicycles are available as are the usual amenities such as gas barbecue, WIFI and satellite TV.


The château de Montastruc has kept almost all of its authentic elements of its long history and the last grand campaign of redecoration was conducted in the early eighteenth century. It is this style that prevails to this day.

Most rooms are typical Louis-XV French 18th century and the careful and loving restoration has reintegrated precious fabrics, antique colours and classic designs. This being said, the baths are contemporary and fit perfectly with the classic ambiance.

The soul of Montastruc has been preserved as much as the body and skin. Throughout the rooms there can be found18th century and gothic influences with the same materials and fabrics that have been used for centuries, but the modern comfort is contemporary.  It’s a matter of respect for the monument and for the visitor that such efforts of authenticity are made.



Annie is the “gouvernante” in charge of the house, her sister Marie is a wonderful and delicate cook, often seconded only by Annie herself. Alain is a great general care taker and Quentin is the gardener in charge of the estate grounds.

The château de Montastruc has a generous soul that speaks to its visitors right away. More than 1500 years of active history have been possible thanks to the love and passion the successive owners and staff have given the place and this is perceived all around.

A careful restoration has preserved the essence and spirit of this grand but simple country house while modern comfort was built-in. The beautiful south-western Dordogne light enhances the feeling of contentment and this sets Montastruc as a most peaceful retreat. Guests feel as if they are residing in their own home and feel as if all of this history could be theirs.


Any stay in Dordogne which is the former province of Périgord, represents an immersion into pre-and-current history. An opportunity to indulge in gastronomy and wine tasting as Bergerac wines are only five  minutes away from Montastruc. It is also a chance to savour the beautiful nature and architecture or to partake in the many activities such as sports and canoeing.


Rental is by the week, Saturday to Saturday, and includes 3 hours of cleaning service per day except Sunday.

Price varies with season, ranging from 6200€ in low season, through 7200€ during mid-season, to 8500€ in high season.

Extras can be organized including food supplies logistics, partial or full catering and table service, on demand, at very reasonable cost.


TELEPHONE NUMBER:  +33 763 03 55 44

EMAIL: contact@montastruc.com

WEBSITE: www.montastruc.com