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If You Want A Beach Holiday In The Mainland US, Where Should You Go?

If you want a beach holiday, where should you go? The Maldives? Gran Canaria? Scotland? (Only joking!)

But seriously, if you want to go for a beach holiday in the US, what are your options? Does the world’s most prosperous country have any good beaches in the same way as, say, Sardinia with its myriad coves or the Philippines with its fabulous azure-blue waters?

See for yourself below.

Cannon Beach, Oregon


If your idea of a beach holiday is baking your body until it goes a flaky shade of pink, then Cannon Beach probably isn’t for you. Being in Oregon, things can be a little chilly here, even in summer. But the appeal of Cannon Beach is its wildlife. The beach is full of rock pools and life that travels to shore from the shallow ocean in the bay. Visitors flock to Cannon Beach to see the puffin habitats and sea life as well as Haystack Rock – a vast geological formation that sticks out meters above the waves below.

Big Sur, California

Big Sur lies on the California coast surrounded by a stunning coastline of jagged rocks, cliffs, forests, and mountains. Along Big Sur, you’ll find Pfeiffer Beach, a great place to settle in for the day and have a picnic.

Ocean City, Maryland

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Ocean City sits on a kind of peninsula that juts right out into the Atlantic. Ocean City is far enough south for high temperatures in the summer, making it an excellent place for a beach holiday. The beaches here are white sand, and they extend along the entire length of the peninsula on one side, with the town on the other. It’s a remarkable place.

Dunkin Donuts Ocean City and other establishments offer refreshments just a few minutes from the seafront, making it an excellent location for indulgent tourists. During the high season, there are lots of activities to enjoy, including windsurfing and jet skiing.

St. Petersberg. Florida

No list of US beach holiday destinations would be complete without mentioning St. Petersberg. No, we’re not talking about the freezing Russian city on the banks of the Baltic, but rather than “Sunshine City,” a place with fabulous hotels, a near-perfect climate (outside of storm season) and plenty of places for snacking and picnicking.

Pass-a-Grille beach is one of the favourites among locals. It’s four miles long and provides excellent views of the open ocean.

Key West, Florida


Key West lies at the end of the long spit that runs off the southern tip of Florida and is the most southerly place in the entire US. Over the years, Key West has developed something of a reputation, thanks to its eclectic vibe and penchant for sports. You’ll find all kinds of entertainment here, including paddleboards and people walking tightropes while juggling batons.

Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola offers visitors beautiful, green-blue tropical seas and a range of shorelines to enjoy, from the party-filled to the serene. Head inland, and you’ll soon stumble upon restaurants and an assortment of beach bars, ready to make your delicious drinks.