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How Can We Save Our Planet?


Earth is an astounding and confounding place. It is the birthplace of all life as we know it, and it is a home of billions of thriving creatures, plants and other living organisms. Since humans have come into the picture and moulded the earth to fit their own goals, things have changed and the planet is a lot less secure than it once was. It is incredibly important in our power as the dominating species of earth that we take a stand and make the necessary changes to our planet while we can. Today we are taking a look at some of the things we need to do this year and beyond to help save the planet before things get too far.

Look after wildlife

Animals are the beating heart of our planet. Although humans have a big impact on the world in their own right, animals are the real owners of the world and they are the ones who create the ecosystems which we see around us each and every day. We can do a lot of things to help keep our wildlife safe and happy, such as feeding birds in the garden, planting trees to act as homes for small creatures, and using less plastic to make sure that sea life isn’t affected by our actions. This weekend take some time to plant some flowers which attract bees and butterflies, feed the birds, and recycle your food waste for others to eat. Small actions make all the difference and you will notice a shift in the animals who come to your space each day.

Teach our children

Children are the future, and it is our responsibility as adults to make the effort to teach them about the world. We need to show children that the planet is something to be looked after and that our animals need to be kept safe and sound to keep the ecosystem in balance. We can teach children about science, about birds and insects, and even about plants and how to grow them. Once our children learn these special lessons it will make them feel passionate about the world, and they will make good decisions going forward as they grow to adulthood.

Use less energy

It is important for us to use less energy in order to help save the planet, because a lot of the energy we use in our homes is powered by fossil fuels and these are finite resources which won’t be around forever. Energy also produces greenhouse gases and this is something which should be prevented at all times. By reading this article by Stephen Troese Jr we can learn how to use less energy and this is something which can make a big impact on the home.

Support local farmers

Importing food from other countries uses fuel. Fuel uses energy and emits greenhouses gases into the air. It is incredibly important for us to support local farmers and use local produce when it comes to our food shopping and the more we can do this, the better it will be for our planet.