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Why Travellers Love Visiting the Philippines (and Why You Should Too)

The Philippines is one of the best places to visit according to many travel bloggers. Everything about the country is amazing: the people, its nature, the mouthwatering cuisine, and its weather. The usual itinerary in Southeast Asia is Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. But, nowadays, visiting the Philippines is a part of most travellers’ bucket lists.

If it’s your first time to visit the Philippines, you don’t have to worry much. There are many blog posts where you can learn more about the country and how you can spend your stay there. What’s more, getting around is easy. You can try their world-famous jeepney, tricycle, or even a pedicab. If you’re more comfortable in a private vehicle, you can go to the many car rentals in Manila, Philippines.

Are you getting excited? There is so much about the Philippines that you will surely love. Here are some of them:

Nature and adventure

The Philippines is where you can see most of the untouched beaches and islands in Southeast Asia. White sand beaches, blue seas, and emerald rivers are seen in most parts of the country. UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Banaue Rice Terraces and the historical Town of Vigan can be found there, too.

Wildlife is diverse in the Philippines. It is the home of whale sharks, Tarsier, Pandaca Pygmea (world’s smallest fish), and many more. For a first-timer, you can visit Benguet, Ilocos, Palawan, Boracay, and Cebu. Indulge yourself in adventures like canyoneering, surfing, and diving.

Good food

Filipino cuisine may not be that famous around the world, but you will definitely enjoy it. You can taste a variety of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and even Malay cuisine. There are many restaurants that make you feel at home with a touch of every local cuisine. Some of the famous Filipino food are adobo, sinigang, halo-halo, pansit, balut, calamansi juice, and sisig.

Communication is easy

Almost 90% of Filipinos speak English. That is why communication with foreigners will never be a problem. They have learned the language since elementary school. In fact, some kids learn English even before going to school. It is their mode of communication, whether verbal or written.

The Filipinos

Most travelers will agree that Filipinos are the friendliest people on Earth. They are known for their hospitality. Despite being a third world country, Filipinos know how to live their lives with a smile in their faces. Some travellers have experienced being invited to a random house party to sing in the karaoke. If you go shopping, the salespeople are courteous and friendly, too. Basically, Filipinos will make you feel at home in their country.

Weather and Climate

The Philippines has only two seasons, wet and dry. The wet season is from June to October. While the dry season is longer, which is from November to May. That is why it is the best country to visit when you want to enjoy beaches, rivers, and hiking.

Do you think that these things are too good to be true? Well, you have to see and experience it to believe! If you read online, travel bloggers keep on going back in the Philippines. Maybe you’ll love what they have loved about this country, too.