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Zikomo Safari.

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After falling in love with the Southern African countries in 2005, Victoria and David Wallace decided to build and run a bush camp. Zikomo “Thank you” Safari was created on the banks of the Luangwa River.


Thanks to the Luangwa River, Zikomo Safari bush camp resides under the shade of a deep cluster of native trees. Also, due to the presence of the river many animals from the surrounding plains come to the water to drink and relax allowing guests an unbridled opportunity to watch and admire them from the comfort of the camp.


Victoria and David Wallace both grew up in the USA and met on the Aranui, a working freighter on a journey between Tahiti and the Marquises Islands. During this three-week romantic journey, they fell in love. Both share a love for the outdoors, nature, animals and travel. It was this passion that encouraged them, after a trip to the South Luangwa Valley, to create Zikomo Safari with their son Demian. Their son, who sadly passed away in March 2018, was integral in building Zikomo Safari. Not only did Demian play an important role in the running of the business, he also legendarily won a wrestling match with Chief Nsefu in order to get the Chief’s approval to lease the land to Zikomo Safari Zambia!

Tony Hunstiger, is a part-owner and joined the business to help the Wallaces turn their ambitious project into a reality. Through time spent in the Nsefu sector and in support of Zikomo Safari he has become an active and indominable advocate against wildlife trafficking, fighting to preserve the safety and habitats of endangered species.


Zikomo Safari advocates the benefits and importance of hunting. As long as it is with a camera. To this end they provide guests and clients the chance to spend time in the wild working with artists and photographers such as Michael Rosenblatt, Peter Geraerdts and Ed Selfe.

Imagine the opportunity to paint or photograph one of the most magnificent and animal rich locations in the world. Guided by some of the best professionals available this opportunity seeks to capture not only the sights, but the spirit of the place as well.


Booking well ahead is essential to avoid disappointment and while guests are at Zikomo Safari bush camp, they are requested to act with consideration to the wild, four legged neighbours.

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