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Tree Hotel. Sweden.

*As seen in The Logbook

Founded by Kent Lindvall and Britta Jonsson-Lindvall, the Treehotel offers a wonderfully unique and awe-inspiring accommodation which has enjoyed royalty as guests and been the focus of breakout documentaries.

A landscape hotel, as in a hotel that relies on the landscape to influence its design, the Treehotel welcomes everyone like family and promises to take away the stresses and demands of everyday life.


Harads, in Northern Sweden is a striking location with magnificent surroundings. The village has a population of about 600 and is roughly 100 km from the Luleå airport. Possessing of a sublime peacefulness it also has a wondrous view of the Lule River valley, including miles of forest and the river itself.

If you weren’t expecting it, the setting of the Treehotel, set in the tall pine forest trees, could be a bit of a surprise. To see a giant Mirrored Cube that could almost disappear into the branches, or a UFO or the Birdsnest might bring to mind that you’ve stumbled into an artist’s outdoor studio, and in a way you would be correct.

These are the amazing designs of the accommodations of the Treehotel which have accommodated members of the international press and designer aficionados from all over the world. Appearing on many bucketlists the Treehotel has attracted everyone, from international celebrities, designers and fashion magazines, to ordinary people wanting to experience something even more unusual than staying in a treehouse. A childhood dream with a touch of luxury and flair.


The treerooms combine wonderful creativity and style while still supporting the natural feel of the location. There is the Mirrorcube, The Birdsnest, The 7th Room, the Cabin, The UFO, Dragonfly, The Blue Cone and the Guest House.

Each room has its own unique style and design, each one a marvellous work of art that merges with the aesthetic of the forest. It achieves this with such ease that wildlife occasionally wanders around and under the Treerooms without hesitation.


Treehotel is also the perfect place to experience the captivating northern lights phenomenon. Guests can see them from the rooms, especially from the 7th Room, with its panoramic view of the night sky. It can also be witnessed from the ice dining room, the jacuzzi and whilst out on a snowmobile. The best time to see these magical cosmic lights are on clear evenings and nights from September to March.

Treehotel offer guided northern lights tours. Once guests are well fed at the restaurant, they travel by snowmobile through the fairy-tale, snow-covered woods. Then, while snacking on Swedish fika and drinking hot beverages they wait for the epic, cosmic show to begin.

Photography focused tours are also available.


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