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THETFORD. Australia.

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The Thetford story goes back to 1963 in Michigan in the USA when Mr. Frank Sargent  invented a camping toilet that would be the base of Thetford’s world-famous Porta Potti. Since then, Thetford has become a global leader in RV Refrigeration, Cooking Appliances, Service Doors and Toilet Care Products.


The inspiration as to why a company would invent a brand of toilet should be pretty obvious, however it should be pointed out that until Thetford’s original invention there was no standard of sanitation for mobile toilets. The contributions that this company has brought to convenience and quality of portable sanitation has been appreciated by all of us at some point.


The scope of Thetford’s products seems almost without end and with a notoriety for pioneering products. As an example they were the first manufacturer and inventor of the Cassette Toilet, which is now being used in 90% of the RV’s world-wide.

With their international headquarters in Ann Arbor USA and their European headquarters in Etten-Leur in the Netherlands they also have production facilities in the United States, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and China.


Thetford now has 1000 employees world-wide, including 15 in Australia where they supply to most of the Australian manufacturers from their local warehouse in Melbourne.

The training they offer is second to none. You see, high quality products are one thing, installing, servicing and using a product is another. That is why the company offers training to both direct and indirect customers.

They are also present during all major Industry shows in Australia, where end users can talk to the experts to learn more about their products.


It is a relief to know that Thetford’s got your back as well when it comes to offering the best advice and support. Offering a standard three year warranty on all of their products, they’re already ahead of their competition.

Their service network consists of more than 250 Service Agents that provide guidance and support all over Australia. And they work with almost all Australian RV Manufacturers, so people will see their product in most of the vehicles on the road when Down Under.


This year Thetford have just introduced an amazing induction hob for inside RV’s, the Topline 902. This highly innovative induction hob is a remarkably elegant and timeless 2 burner Induction stove that perfectly matches the increasing demand for home-like cooking. The sleek and easy to use unit can be installed both horizontally and vertically and will impress every RV owner.

FULL NAME: Thetford Australia

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 03 9358 0700