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Tanzania is one of Africa’s top safari destinations and is home to some of the most famous and best national parks in the world. These include the Serengeti and the famous Ngorongoro Crater as well as Africa’s highest mountain; Mt. Kilimanjaro. From a small budget to a luxury trip, Shah Tours safaris are flexible for anyone’s budget.

A family business, Shah Tours was founded in 1984 by Mr. Harshit Shah, Mrs. Fulvanti Shah and Mr. Harakhchand Shah.

Having lived in the Kilimanjaro region from an early age, Mr. Harshit Shah was always inspired by the mountain and was a regular climber to the lower altitudes when the initial mountain huts were being constructed on the Marangu trail. It led him to begin the business with his wife and grandfather and they were one of the first businesses in the country to showcase Kilimanjaro internationally as a climbing destination giving him the name ‘Mr. Kilimanjaro’ around the world.


Working with twenty locally employed and trained staff members Shah Tours offer both custom and tailor made tours for their clients. This includes short and long safaris that can last from one day to fifteen. Each are guided by safari drivers in specially modified 4×4 cruisers who have been working in the industry for over 21 years.

There is also a number of options with regards to accommodation including camping and hotels, depending on what the client is looking for.

Although destinations such as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Natron and many others are always available, Shah Tours always tailor their itineraries to the season of travel.  Weather and nature conditions can affect the chances of spotting the wildlife and scenery that Tanzania is famous for and they never want unsatisfied clients.


For sustainability on Kilimanjaro, Shah Tours are qualified KPAP members. As the exploitation and mistreatment of porters can be a troubling challenge in the climbing industry, all Kilimanjaro companies are invited to participate with the Partner for Responsible Travel Program. Shah Tours voluntarily cooperate with KPAP’s monitoring activities and allow KPAP to evaluate the treatment of their porters on all of their climbs to ensure fair salaries are being paid.

They also contribute to a wonderful organisation known as Share Tanzania. A monthly contribution with the help of their business partners and customers helps children with special needs in the region.


It is noteworthy that the relationships that Shah Tours have built with their clients has led to at least 30% of their yearly business coming from recommendations and word of mouth.

Building relationships externally is just as important as building relationships internally. Therefore, they encourage staff to join team building activities such as office barbecues and office tour trips so staff can have a friendly working environment that they can commit to for their career. Thanks to this, some of their staff have worked with them for more than 30 years and have become part of their extended family.

This same approach is used with clients to understand their needs and offer appropriate products. By providing exceptional client services they have become a trusted partner that makes their clients feel safe and comfortable all the way through their holidays.


Tanzania is an exciting destination which has an excellent tourist circuit in the North and a developing circuit in the South. Other areas are still unexplored or lack the infrastructure to take clients there, however each day new activities and lodges are opening offering exciting new possibilities for future Shah Tours products.


Although Tanzania is considered one of the safest destinations in Africa to travel, clients should respect the local customs and culture and follow the guidelines offered by our company or their own governments recommendation.

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