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If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors of Mexico, why not try it with a touch of class and camp in an Airstream in the middle of the valley of Guadalupe?


Cesar Ibara began things with his Airstream Project. Which can be seen on Youtube here. Originally working in law Cesar decided to start the project during a motorcycle ride through Guadalupe, which was his favourite way of relaxing and destressing. When he noticed a number of Airstreams parked along the side of the road, he eventually knocked on one of them and asked if they would be interested in selling it to him.

The rest is hospitality history.


In total there are thirteen Airstreams from the 50s, 60s and 70s on the site. The Airstreams have been completely and lovingly restored and customized, creating a unique, vintage glamping accommodation that is super cosy and very stylish. There is an area for outdoor barbecuing, an acoustic guitar, a telescope (the night skies are a sight to behold) and places to store bikes.

They also have a new park Tent Valley City & Parking Spot for travel cars, two acres of nomadic campground for regular camping in tents and for parking of RVs.


Guadalupe, in Mexico, is a vast area with a great deal to offer travellers of every level. Tuk Tuk tours can show you the landscape and the historic sites and there is a winery down the road that is definitely worth a visit. It is the peaceful quiet of this area that is particularly appealing to so many and Ruta de Arte y Vino Glamping receives visitors from as many locals as from the international community.

There is a great deal of mental healing that can take place when one is able to just sit and enjoy the simplicity of things. The beautiful joy of sitting outside a stylish, beautifully restored Airstream while watching the fire dance in the barbecue and drinking a beer and just relaxing cannot be over-valued.


All of Cesar’s Airstreams are listed on Airbnb, allowing not only quick and efficient booking of the accommodation but a quick exploration of what other people’s experiences have been.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive with many happy travellers mentioning how calming and peaceful the location is. The beauty of the sunsets and sunrises and how refreshed and invigorated they felt after.

It is a definite must visit.

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Contact: +52 1(646)1853352 or +52 1(646)1602300