Glamping South America

Raiz Chile

*As seen in The Logbook

The biggest event of the year is the eclipse 2019 in valle elqui chile.

From the 30th June to the 4th July, Raiz Chile have 150 luxury tents that have been totally equipped to offer the best view of this live experience. The event will be attended by the likes of Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic Group as well as other VIP guests keen to see this rare spectacle in all its glory. This is one of the first of many astro-tourism events that will be gaining popularity as the possibility of seeing the stars from beyond the Earth becomes a reality.


Founded in 2015 by Sergio Arrau who has been working in the field of tourism for over a decade, Raiz Chile was created to raise awareness for the environment by highlighting both its beauty and our place in it. The camp is completely mobile, and this is why it has been able to take such a differential and powerful approach to the upcoming astro-tourism event, because they have been able to install their tents in the best location.


There are plenty of tours that will be available during the daylight hours. Each one usually includes up to thirty passengers and there is a variety available to suit all interests.

The most popular destinations at the moment are San Pedro de Atacama and Rapanui in Chile, salar de uyuni and Patagonia. A high number of international visitors are very interested to learn more about these unique locations and the ancient history there.

There are typically two different packages.

  1. Agenda: these are packaged tours that come with a date and a list of activities specified by the designers. They take place within a certain number of locations and have defined details to support the general interests of a group.
  2. Tailor Made: Working with the expertise of Raiz Chile, the passengers and the guides define the dates, places, activities and details based on the specific tastes and desires of the client.

These packages are updated once a year and when creating a tour, the team take into consideration the market research and the customer needs. Knowing all the details is essential to planning something worthwhile and meaningful.


Building and maintaining relationships is very important since they focus on the needs of the client to deliver the best service. Sergio’s approach to this is to have open communication with the tour operators during the camps and to engage with people on and face to face basis. Experience and adventure are things that require a personable touch after all.


Due to the high demand of this event and the number of visitors who will arrive to Vicuña and its surroundings, Raiz Chile have planned their glamping experience to avoid the chaos of the other areas and to look after their clients.

Movement and travel during this period are expected to be difficult as the streets are quite small. Another important point to consider is that the local places, such as restaurants, vineyards and others, may not be able to receive so many people in a single day as they have limited capacity.

Therefore, Tailor Made packages are recommended during this period, allowing greater flexibility and guaranteeing a once in a lifetime memorable event.

PRICE/NIGHT: USD $650.00 per night (NOMADE ECLIPSE GLAMP 2019)


ADDRESS: santa rosa 575 0f 31 Puerto varas chile

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +569 53051605   or +56989263138