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Whether you are a first-time developer bringing life to a dream, or a seasoned destination owner looking to further develop a catalogue of sites, when it comes to glamping there is a spirit and sensitivity that needs to be considered.  Speaking with CMO and partner of Lushna Glamping Jaka Azman, it is clear that to find real success in glamping you must tap into this spirit and understand what it means to you.

Lushna Glamping have become one of the go-to businesses for interests in Natural Resorts and glamping. Reputable and experienced and with a catalogue of successful businesses as clients they know how to plant the seed of a co-natural Resort creation and nurture its healthy growth.  Jaka explains that any successful site begins with knowing what unique characteristics lie in the area.

“Glamping is more than just having a nice accommodation and every tourist destination must have its own character,” he says, “So, one of the first things we do is explore the natural wonders and local riches of a location in order to define what makes that destination distinctive.”


Creating destinations that are in harmony with nature is fundamental for Lushna who believe that sustainable tourist destination is ineffective without it. According to Jaka true glamour can only be found in the great outdoors and they follow the same principle when developing every Lushna destination.

In order to create unforgettable co-natural resorts, glamping sites and lodges, Lushna work closely with clients and provide complete destination development services and unique eco-cabins if needed.

“We focus on creating a symbiotic relationship between our clients and the environment surrounding their site and to build inspiring experiences on this,” Jaka says, “This principle is a key to our lodging solutions design and influences what we suggest for a client’s own unique hospitality services, touristic offer and activity programs.”


Lushna follow a set of principles which have been written based on their research into the market. They have then combined these principles with their understanding of the various ingredients needed to make a superb and successful glamping site and this is what the client receives.

Jaka explains that for each client they seek to seamlessly frame the nature and the available history and story of a location with what is beautiful and unique about it. With this they then work together with the client to create a co-natural design that enhances all of it as a marketable package.

“You absolutely have to capture and engage all of the senses,” he adds, “People go glamping because they want a luxurious five-star experience within a unique and interesting environment that they can touch, smell, see and hear.”

This is one of the biggest differences between glamping and hotels, or bed and breakfasts, in those places it is just a place to lay your head. In contrast glamping is at its core a sensual experience that places a great deal of importance on other values, such as privacy and the freedom to socialise. These are immutable parts of this industry that stem from glamping’s more rugged ancestor, camping.

“Camping’s allure has always been the immersion in nature and how this can entice and interact with all of your senses,” Jaka explains, “Glamping is no different, it’s camping but with more glamour, better pillows and more frequent laundry. ”


There are more than just the five senses to enrapture too. There are other sensibilities that help create the sort of experience that will have guests returning again and again.

For example, there is the responsibility of glamping site owners to make use of sustainable construction methods and natural materials on their sites. To be culturally aware and conscious of promoting the local economy and protecting the natural resources of their location. These are part and parcel of effective glamping sites because it creates a legend and a community for a guest.

“Our Lushna Natural Resort concept is a perfect way to grow a business for start-ups in the hospitality industry. Especially landowners of beautiful natural venues, owners of vineyards, farms, B&B or restaurants,” Jaka says, “Through it a client can revitalize, boost image and increase the value of existing tourist destinations like campgrounds, eco hotels, golf courses, wellness or spa resorts.”

A Natural Resort or Glamping site is suitable also for ambitious investors or municipalities who see ecotourism destinations as an opportunity for green investment and a way to generate fast profits and returns on investment.


It is clear that research is important to Lushna. Understanding that many first-time investors may be looking at it from the outside in, they have used their inside knowledge to create an ROI Calculator for new comers to make use of which will create a realistic estimate to what a person can expect to require in terms of investment.

“A successful business always starts by identifying your objections and knowing the costs to achieve them,” Jaka explains, “The more this is done the more accurate it becomes and the faster it can be achieved.”


There is a catalogue of glamping sites that owe their success to the insightful guidance of Lushna Glamping. There are three projects however that stand out amongst the crowd as the greatest examples of what happens when you follow the principals of this great business.


Accommodation:  Lushna Shadow line .

Lushna’s home country Slovenia, stands as one of the most developed glamping countries in the world. And since they have been doing the majority of their projects abroad for the past few years, they were thrilled to be selected to build one of the most beautiful and ambitious glamping projects to date.

Based in Maribor, Slovenia along the Maribor lake in Limbus, right next to the factory of the fast-growing chocolate brand Teta Frida, the Chocolate Village Glamping Resort will soon be created.  A luxury glamping resort featuring 12 Lushna houses, in which everything will be based around chocolate, from chocolate breakfasts, chocolate workshops, chocolate cosmetics to chocolate massages. A heaven for chocolate lovers.

Jaka reveals that the investors chose their most glamorous units, the Lushna Suite Mezzanine and Lushna Petites which were redesigned to fit into the luxury chocolate story. The major upgrades required are a premium exterior and interior cladding materials in darker tones, dimmed panoramic glass walls, premium interior finishing materials and upscale accessories with integrated Smart technologies for remote control and energy efficiency. Lushna Petites with newly designed saunas will offer even better views over the gorgeous river Drava.

“The resort will operate throughout the year,” he adds, “Each house will be well insulated, and offer full air conditioning. Beyond the obvious allure of chocolate, guests will also find wine tastings as well as a sauna on the tree with a Jacuzzi.”

There is obvious excitement for the project as with its fantastic position close to the city, the nearby ski centre and directly along the Drava Biking Trail it creates a destination with many opportunities. Great opportunities for great chocolate, luxurious relaxation and leisure cycling!


Accommodation: Lushna Petite Reflect Cabins

Seventeen cabins were used to create this respite from the city. Creating a place to escape hectic lifestyles and to connect with nature, to bond with friends and family and to feel at one with nature.

“It was a privilege to be involved in this nature retreat located in the beautiful Hudson Valley,” Jaka says, “Gather Green is a new event venue and nature retreat only two hours north of New York City and sits upon a backdrop of one hundred acres of Green County rolling hills.”

Each of the seventeen Lushna Petite Reflect cabins comes with an outside deck, a king size bed, bathroom, closet with large mirror, mini fridge and a coffee maker. With a grand picture window, the guest feels like their out in nature, but with air conditioning, heating, and warm showers, you will be able to enjoy it like never before.


Accommodation: Lushna Suites and Petites

“We were particularly proud to be able to finally plant our flag in the United Kingdom,” Jaka reveals, “Making use of our Lushna Suites and Petites this is our most glamorous site to date, combining upper end comfort and luxury with the soft sea breeze of St. Osyth, United Kingdom.”

The help of incredibly sunny British weather, the four Suites and eight Petites were set up in a record 15 days. The Suites include all of their versions including Lux, Glass and Mezzanine and with the petites complementing the existing lodgings Jaka reveals Lee Wick Farm Cottages and Glamping is also one of their most diverse glamping destinations.

“Our Lushna cabins are rugged on the outside but offer great comfort inside and brilliant views. This is achieved thanks to a floor to ceiling glass window that maximises the panoramic coastal views,” he says, “And St. Osyth is known for its massive skies and the relaxing sea breeze.”

To keep glamping simple but comfortable, each Lushna is designed to be like a home away from home but with better views. As such there is an internal loo, shower, small kitchen area and storage space including wardrobe.

“Outside on the deck of each Lushna there is also a barbecue, table and chairs, fire pit and some even have log fired hot tubs,” Jaka says, “What more do you need to relax?”


It would not be a bad idea if you are thinking about becoming the next success story in glamping, to spend a weekend at one of the sites who have worked with Lushna to get a feel for it.

“We encourage this,” Jaka says, “Glamping is such a personal thing it is important to get as much of a feel for it as possible.”

To find out where to go, you should visit their website without delay and book something today.

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